This doesn’t appear to show SYPolice get it yet?

I was obvious to me that this recent experience should be taken notice of more widely than in the context of an older posting:

I am saddened to feel that so many people knew and didn’t see to care about the children out of a missed guided view that it was more important to protect these criminals rather than our children.

It has done nothing for harmony in Rotherham, all they managed to do was create tensions that were not there before.

As for Mr MacShane its a photo op nothing more.

Everyone involved should get the sack but no doubt they won’t.

Also I have lived in Rotherham for many years but now I really don’t feel my children are safe here.

South Yorkshire police are not very good at dealing with child abuse in Rotherham, It took them 2 weeks to come and see my child when my child disclosed at school.

Then weeks after, to do any other investigating.

I can honestly say, not one member of the South Yorkshire Police I met, during that terrible time, seemed interested at all.

Shame on you R.M.B.C and S.Y.P. You have done every resident in Rotherham a huge disservice!

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