Shaun Wright – Still breaking the rules, using forbidden images?

Rotherham Politics reported recently, on Shaun Wright’s abuse of the rules, when using images of Police and connected pictures in his campaigning materials;






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Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?
Tiser – Read all about it!!

What do the rules say?

This was extracted from the full ACPO Guidance, pinched from, download full pdf here.

How then does Shaun Wright get away with the continued use on his campaign website of these two images that most certainly fall into the category of forbidden images:

These images are still being displayed on Shaun Wrights website, despite being warned about them, on at least two occasions last week by South Yorkshire Police. Ho so?


Reader photos most welcome, especially those showing Shaun Wright still using his large display, containing at least two forbidden images in breach of the ACPO Code.

Shaun Wright must think the law does not apply to him?

A pretty disgraceful attitude for a PCC candidate, his election will end in tears!

Rothpol is grateful to Gillian Radcliffe, for pursuing this matter with SY Police which provided the evidence for this posting. Mistakes, omissions all down to Rothpol.

6 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Still breaking the rules, using forbidden images?

  1. This is another exmaple of how Shaun Wright is clearly pushing the good will and loyalty of Labour members to the limit.

    I am still shocked and surpised that Rotherham Politics is supporting Cllr Wright even after ALL this.


  2. Am afraid you appear to be under a misapprehension there, with your conclusion that Rothpol supports Shaun Wright, or were you using simple irony?

    Labour members are increasingly realising they have been had by their Party on the issue of the candidate, Shaun Wright!

    Rothpol’s private communications and the RikiLeaks inbox has never been busier as a result.

    Not well admired, even in Rotherham, is our Shaun. Heaven help us when he is elected.


    • Thanks Maximus. In case you are unaware, I’m no longer a candidate so there is no risk of electoral bias. Even if I still were, the image I used on my website masthead was not from any UK police force. It was a TV image from a drama and not, therefore, an infringement. I understand the rules and, unlike some people, respect them so I was very careful about this.
      I did initially, when preparing my website, check with South Yorkshire Police whether it would be OK to use a couple of general SYP images that did not show specific livery or officers but they explained that they would not allow any candidates to do so. I thought that was fair if applied even-handedly.
      That’s why I contacted SYP several days ago about Mr Wright’s use of the images. I was told they would contact him directly as he did NOT have their permission to use these images. As I write, he is still using them and placing the force at risk of being in breach of ACPO rules and potentially even placing the individual officer at risk of disciplinary action if he knowingly supports the campaign and gave his individual consent (though I’ve no reason to think that is the case).


      • Oh dear, Shaun Da Sheep am gettin neck-deep in da brown smelly doo-doo, methinks?

        Still, a little legal detail here or there has never prevented Da RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns from ignoring da law and pleasing dare effin senz, has it?

        I can’t wait for this scumbag to be elected as PCC, oh what I will have, tee hee, ho ho ho.


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