Shaun Wright gets a question?

Irene Furnell’s email to Shaun Wright of today:

“I was furious(still am )as I listened to Radio Sheffield telling me that once again right wing groups are to descend on Rotherham tomorrow.

Quite apart from the massive drain on the police budget people are again worried about their safety and that of their family.

The failure to deal with the grooming of young girls when it first came to light has created this fertile ground for these obnoxious racist right wing groups to target Rotherham .

You were part of the powers that be at that time and must take your share of responsibility.At that time you resigned and ran away from the situation.

South Yorkshire Police have a very tough time ahead.

As well as policing South Yorkshire on a reduced budget they will have to deal with Hillsborough , The grooming of the young girls and possibly Orgreave.

So tell me Shaun -no convince me -why we should vote for you ?”

Irene Furnell

From: Shaun Wright
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 4:08 PM
To: Irene Furnell
Subject: RE: Contact email from

“Dear Irene,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

Given that you have known me for nearly twenty years, from your time as a Labour councillor/stalwart and since, you are well placed to make your determination about how you wish to vote.

I share your frustration at groups such as EDL coming to our town, but please do not make excuses for them. There is NO excuse on earth that justifies their hatred and violence. As you know they march all around the country and we certainly don’t want them in Rotherham.”

Best wishes,

Irene has a dim view of the answer with the observation, “Quick reply –fudged answer.”

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15 thoughts on “Shaun Wright gets a question?

  1. Talk about dodge the issue. Shaun, you are the main reason Rotherham is being invaded by these right wing groups. You are a disgrace to the office of councillor and you will be an even bigger disgrace to the office of Crime Commissioner. Do the decent thing and resign from public life all together then we can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that a total incompetent and idiot like you is not going to interfere in public safety.


    • Shaun-4-Police-n-Clown-Commissioner!!!!

      What a Superstar. What a Chosen One.
      Good choice Dodger. Lights on but nobdy’s at ooum.

      I simply can’t wait for him to take office cos his problems will then start in earnest 🙂


  2. Irene Furnells correspondence with Shaun Wright sums up what is fundamentally wrong with the response to the abuse of children in Rotherham.

    The issue that seems to be of major concern for Labour supporters, Shaun Wright et al, is that members of right wing organisations are demonstrating in the town and not the systematic and sustained abuse of children within Rotherham while those safeguarding organisations kept a tight lid on the scale of the crimes.

    It’s a great pity that the likes of Irene Furnell to not take a stand and speak out for the abused, the weak and the defenceless when they needed help, instead we get the wringing of hands and how badly we have been portrayed in the media, by the way this does not include the Tiser who maintained a wall of silence until shamed into acting by the Times.

    I would never have thought that the Labour party would turn its back on innocent victims, just goes to show how the Labour party and its Trade Union backers have changed.


  3. Surely Shaun Wright as a potential Police and Crime Commissioner should have answered the question that Mrs Irene Furnells sent to him. Does he propose to carry off like this answering the publics questions should he be elected as a PCC, what a disgrace he has shown how he will treat the public – just like Mrs Furnells with contempt.

    Not only that he appears to have known this lady for well over 20 years and he treats her with such contempt, even a child could see henot answered the question.

    It is alleged that he was the Councillor in Charge of the children and young peoples sevices directorate at RMBC when this grooming took place involving elderly Asian men. This sort of offence will be allowed to operate without challenge if people / politicians / MP’s and the Police including Magistrates such as Mr Wright deny their existance in some sort of twisted attempt to be anti-racist and be cultural sensitive. (What about the protection of our kids)

    If people / politicians / MP’s and the Police do not tackle this problem head on, for the sake of not upsetting a community for political votes at election time, is there any wonder the far right wing groups such as the National Front / EDL / Combat 18 and the BNP have decided to come to Rotherham to use the situatuation that it is alledged that Shaun Wright ran away from and as outlined in Mrs Furnells letter.
    Answer the question Mr Wright why should the people of South Yorkshire in particular (Rotherham ) vote for You ?


      • You are right Omar.he should go and go now. There’s more hurt and distress caused by this idiot than enough. RMBC and the Mps are wrong to back him and a mass resignation would not be amiss.


  4. Has anyone noticed that the name and address of the Agent for the English Democrat Candidate matches that of the BNP Candidate for Barnsley Central at the 2010 General Election?


    • I have already told Shaun Wright that I will be neither working for him, nor voting for him.
      He is an utter disgrace! I would urge all labour members to do likewise.


  5. “There is NO excuse on earth that justifies their hatred and violence”- nor is there any justification for the contempt and disrespect with which this oaf and his mates have treated the people of Rotherham, the victims of child grooming and the Muslim community who seem to be tarred with the same brush as the sickening minority who commit these crimes. I think anyone who votes for Wright next month is effectively sticking up two fingers to the children of South Yorkshire. Bonson or Teal MUST win.


  6. Omar, totally agree, well said mate.
    I suspect one of the issues for a potential Crime Commissioner is whats happening within the South Yorkshire area and what your gonna do about it.
    This is bread and butter stuff.
    Yet, however here we have a Magistrates / Councillor and potential PCC who cannot even give a straight answer to his former collegue Mrs Irene Furnells in relation to her question.
    This issue is not going to go away mate, so have the decency to answer Mrs Furnells and show the us that you have the calibre to answer a question from this lady, if not this issue will fester like an open wound. Come on Shaun you can do it mate, everyone is waiting .


  7. Here’s a lovely lovely Question to Shaun Da Sheep from the twitter-twatter-flutter of Rod Hutton, Independent PCC candidate for Derbyshire 🙂

    Rod Hutton ‏@RHrod
    @ShaunforSYPCC Shaun – are there any Unions that are financially supporting your campaign?

    I don’t imagine that our Rovrum Laybah Police-n-Clown Commissioner candidate will be any more willing to answer this question than he’s been willing to answer similar questions from his prospective voters here in Sarf Yawkshyre 😦

    My bet is he’ll run away scaredy-cat brown-underpants style and say summat like “you can read who my financial backers are after the event” 😦


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