Shaun Wright Another Important Question?

“Unison, whose members include PCSos and other police civilian staff and is the second biggest in the police after the Police Federation, has said it is “supporting” the campaigns of three Labour candidates, John Prescott in Humberside, Shaun Wright in South Yorkshire and Mark Burns-Williamson in West Yorkshire. “We are supporting them because it is extremely important we have strong representation at the highest level,” said the union’s Yorkshire and Humberside regional officer, Chris Jenkinson.”

Sunday Telegraph.

This statement by Chris Jenkinson Regional Officer, Unison, raises serious questions of their expectations after the Labour Donkeys are elected? Nudge nudge wink wink!!!

So much for an impartiality declaration eh?

See also: Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

2 thoughts on “Shaun Wright Another Important Question?

    • Yup, Da Police-n-Clown Commisshunnah Junket Gravy Train is gently and expensively pulling into Da Laybah Grooip sidings … and the hungry-thirsty RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns will be stumbling aboard intent on getting rendered unto Caesar-what-is-Caesar’s 😦

      All hail to Caesar and Da Dodger, all hail to Da Partee, cos Party Time’s here again 🙂

      Reyt, right, rayt, reight 🙂


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