PCC Hustings- Questions being stage managed?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

I have just been given this outrageous, but hardly surprising, piece of news from “my inside correspondent” that South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidates have tried to introduce the following two questions into the debate to be held at New York Stadium on 8 November.

1. The Hillsborough Enquiry.

2. The Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal.

And heyho, twang my bra-strap, guess what a surprise … they’ve been told “NO”. So we look like having another contrived and stage-managed event of a beauty contest.

This of course may not be in the least little bit disappointing to our Rovrum Laybah candidate, Shaun Da Sheep. Remember, he was RMBC Cabinet Member for Childrens’ & Young Peoples’ Services, and came in way over C&YPS budget during his stewardship by some millions of pounds.

All this begs the questions –

a – just what have they got to hide

b – just who are they intent on protecting

c – and more importantly and worryingly why?

This may yet develop into something at least as large as another high-profile sexual exploitation scandal that is growing just like Topsy.

Yours in abject disappointment,

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6 thoughts on “PCC Hustings- Questions being stage managed?

  1. That’s very interesting. My understanding from the briefing notes I received on the event when I was still a candidate was that questions could only be asked if they applied to all candidates. I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply here are they need only ask what action each candidate feels is appropriate to tackle each of these issues. It does indeed smack of stage management to avoid questions on which a certain candidate is most vulnerable.
    In other news, Keith Vaz has responded to my repeated tweets to him about Rotherham. I’ve praised the Home Affairs Select Committee’s scrutiny of police inaction and myself and Christine Roderick have repeatedly asked when the council would come under scrutiny. Last night, Mr Vaz responded to say, “Yes the Rotherham CEO and ex CEO will be giving evidence shortly.” He couldn’t tell me exactly when, so I’m in the process of finding out.
    A response to Chris suggests he’s willing to consider information and questions put forward by anyone who knows anything. Please think about what you might want to raise. I will get an email address that we can send submissions to before the hearing and update via this site.


  2. Gillian, you are to be applauded,
    whilst Mr Vaz is at it he ought to enquire as to why the ‘Sheffield star’ take articles off their website that mention the issue, one thing is for certain a review of what happended and those responsible and who were in charge at the time needs to be undertaken.
    Our children were seriously abused and we have to know and ensure that this never happens again.
    Why are the local Rotherham Labour Councillors /MP burying their heads in the sand, rather than call for an enquiry.
    Really I think we all know the answer dont we !!!


  3. I am in utter disbelief. Surely the protection of our young people is of utmost importance to the appointed Police Commissioner! Therefore the public have the right to question each as to how they will go about ensuring no young people are failed again. The victims in Rotherham continue to suffer and the legacy of that suffering is far-reaching and not time specific to just the present moment. The successful candidate must prove their commitment to those victims and to those who still have not spoken out and may never do so if cover up continues.

    Covering up those very questions by denying their right to be asked is in itself shameful.

    (I have no idea how not to make myself “Anonymous” as the site won’t accept my email. It isn’t intentional. – Vonny Watts.)


  4. I have said this right from the beginning- this is South Yorkshire the People’s Republic, corrupt, nepotistic, stuck in the past. There is no way trhat they will allow awkward questions to be asked.at a public meeting, somebody might be embarrassed, which will be O K providing it isn’t the prize chump Shaun the Sheep.


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