Shaun Wright – Election Statement – Short on detail? Long on impossible promises!

Shaun Wright Photo

Shaun Wright

Election statement:

Aged forty four and married with two sons, Shaun has lived and worked in South Yorkshire his whole life.

He has experience across the public, private and voluntary sector; having served as a magistrate, Vice Chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, councillor, local Mayor, business owner and as a trustee on a number of charities including: the Coalfields Regeneration Trust & Groundwork Trust.

This unique blend of experience and dedicated service to local communities – together with his commitment to work in partnership with all agencies to cut crime – makes him well placed to serve us in the role of Police & Crime Commissioner.

He pledges to:

  • Always listen and be on your side; championing the decent, law abiding majority and providing a better deal for victims of crime.
  • Stand up for our communities against the Coalition Governments’ cuts to policing and the loss of over one thousand South Yorkshire Police jobs; as well as protect policing from privatisation.
  • Always protect the most vulnerable first; working to reduce the most serious offences and the despair which crime creates; especially for the elderly, women and children.
  • Protect front line neighbourhood policing teams; ensuring officers are visible and responsive to local needs.
  • Back a strong and swift response to antisocial behaviour; helping victims and dealing with issues quickly.
  • Work in partnership to tackle re-offending by supporting more prevention, rehabilitation and restorative programmes.
  • Deliver efficient and effective services and introduce a ‘Local Policing Pledge’ because South Yorkshire people have a right to know what policing services they can expect.
  • Protect the police from political interference by respecting the operational independence of the Chief Constable.

Prepared by Liz Donaghy Agent to Shaun Wright C/O Trades and Labour Club, Talbot St. Sheffield S2  2TG

3 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Election Statement – Short on detail? Long on impossible promises!

  1. Having read the thread on ‘a question to Shaun Wright’. His pledges 1-3 are total lies, how on earth can the Rotherham Community be assured that Child sex grooming wont take place again, and what does this man propose to do to tackle the situation. He was in charge of the young peoples directorate in Rotherham when these disgusting offences took place, and is failing to discuss the issues for fear upsetting a community. He’s already dodged and wont reply to a question that was put to him.
    When you hear the Baaa,- Baaa, chants you know why.


  2. I particularly like this:
    “Protect the police from political interference by respecting the operational independence of the Chief Constable.”
    Apart from the fact that he, if elected, will sign a political neutrality statement and be bound to do this by law, what are Unison going to get for their investment in his campaign?


  3. Some of his ‘pledges’ would be funny if they weren’t so ironic and disrespectful, he’d be right at home in the Monster Raving Loony Party. Five words for Shaun: No thanks, go to hell!


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