Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or himself?

Dear RikiLeaks,

In a week when our local (supposedly socialist) MPs are caught with
their snouts in the trough, yet again!I read with interest in the
Advertiser how Kevin Barron gave 3,000 pounds to charity.( He
earned this ‘as payment for his work with a Japanese Pharmaceutical
Group.’) Now, the donation was very welcome and went to a very
worthy cause. I am more interested in Mr Barron’s links with
Japanese Pharmaceutical companies. I read with interest this
article, Prix Galien 2012 Link now fixed!!!

In which it states, ‘The 2012 ceremony will take place on Wednesday
26 September at the House of Commons, London. The Rt. Hon. Kevin
Barron, MP, a former shadow health minister and chair of several
all-party parliamentary groups including those relating to the
pharmaceutical industry and health, takes over from Lord Walton of
Detchant as the Parliamentary Sponsor.

Now call me cynical but our local MP seems to making a bit on the
side from these companies as his recent ‘advisory payment’
suggests. Is this another example of Barron squeezing money out of
his privelaged position? How much is he actually making from
advising private health companies? Are these companies about to be
picking at the bones of the NHS and are any linked to NHS

In his attempts to send out a positive spin locally, after being
exposed in the recent Telegraph article on the espenses scandal
linked to ‘rent swapping,’ he may have opened another window into
the seedy world of how he earns a ‘bit on the side.’

More research into Mr Barron’s links with Japanese and other
pharmaceutical companies will be undertaken. Thankyou Mr Barron for
telling us about this aspect of your work representing the people
of Rother Valley.

11 thoughts on “Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or himself?


    “I spoke, as Chair of the All Party Group on Pharmacy, at the conference of Sigma Pharmaceuticals in Thailand on 11 February 2012. Address: Unit 1-7, Colonial Way, PO Box 233, Watford WD24 4YR. Hours: 1 hr plus travel. No fee was paid but the organisers paid for travel and attendance at the conference from 11 to 18 February 2012 for myself and my partner, estimated value £4,000. (Registered 20 February 2012)”


  2. It’s not related to this issue but can I ask Rothpol or any of your well informed readers if Cllr Tony Mannion resides in Rotherham or not, It’s just I recognised he has a contact adress which is located in Leicester. If you could infor me I would be interested.


  3. Wonder why he needed a partner on the jolly? Was he scared of travelling to Thailand alone or did they have a holiday too. Many of his constituents haven’t been able to afford one for years. How the other half live !


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