Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or the Japanese?

Dear RikiLeaks,

Here is Mr Barron’s listed interests, listed on

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London,
£75 for survey, 5 December 2011. Hours: 25 mins. (Fee paid to
charity). (Registered 6 December 2011)
17 April 2012, received £75 for February/March 2012 survey. Hours:
30 mins. Fee paid to charity. (Registered 17 April 2012)
Parliamentary adviser to the Japanese Pharmaceutical Group, 4 Old
Bath Road, Sonning, RG4 6TA. (Up to £5,000) All remuneration is
donated to charity. The companies in the Japanese Pharmaceutical
Group are as follows:
Astellas Ltd
Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd
Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Europe Ltd
Eisai Ltd
Kowa Pharmaceutical Europe Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Pharma Europe ltd
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd
Payment of £3,000 from Japanese Pharmaceutical Group, donated to
charity on 26 May 2011. Hours: approximately 20 hours over a year.
(Registered 7 June 2011)
Payment of £150 from Britain Thinks, Somerset House, Strand, London
WC2R 1LA, for interview. Hours: 45 mins. (Registered 6 December
I spoke, as Chair of the All Party Group on Pharmacy, at the
conference of Sigma Pharmaceuticals in Thailand on 11 February
2012. Address: Unit 1-7, Colonial Way, PO Box 233, Watford WD24
4YR. Hours: 1 hr plus travel. No fee was paid but the organisers
paid for travel and attendance at the conference from 11 to 18
February 2012 for myself and my partner, estimated value £4,000.
(Registered 20 February 2012

2 thoughts on “Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or the Japanese?

  1. Ha ha ha, reads just like the Hospitality & Gifts Register of da Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, unfortunately.

    And the biggest lie of all is their pretence that they work for us and care about us and our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth IMHO. It’s quite clear who Barron is working for by reading the above info.

    I’m unaware of any clinical background that he’s had that would equip him to advise anybody on the purchase of a kiddies’ chemistry set, let alone a worldwide pharmaceutical company.

    So in my mind the only reason for a Jap drugs company wanting to cuddle up to him is for the commercial benefits that the Japs perceive he can help them to achieve via his political connections.

    All across our ex-mining communities the churchyards are full of those who paid the ultimate price for the extraction of coal to power our industries. Some of those miners would not receive a £1000 in wages in their hard short lives. Barron gets £3K for 20 hrs work in a year. Vomit, vomit.

    Hang your head in shame Mr Barron. You are no longer worthy of the respect of those who elected you and whom you purport to represent.


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