Nice One Nigel!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

My heart soared when I read this incisive statement on Nigel Bonson’s latest twitter-twatter-flutter –

Nigel Bonson ?@nigelbonson

And it is high time someone quizzed @ShaunforSYPCC about the issues he is avoiding.

Yeah, it is high time that Shaun Da Sheep left the safety of da Laybah bruvvaz-n-sistaz flock and answered those searching, relevant and highly important questions that he’s been bombarded with and completely avoided answering.

If he doesn’t it think it’s fair to ask –

1. Who is he protecting?

2. Why is he protecting them?

3. What is he hiding and why?

4. Why is he so kack-scared of fully and openly responding to citizens’ and voters’ legitimate questions?

Kind Regards,

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