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In the first posting, using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful, we bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters:


What kind of idiot registers a campaign website with 47 characters in it? Darren Hughes, that’s who! Amazing? The work of an incompetent, or a fool! Little wonder then his campaign was so poor in May’s local election.

Those hailing from Rotherham in bold

John Healey MP – Wentworth & Dearne Constituency
Cllr Steve Houghton CBE – Leader Barnsley Council
Cllr Roger Stone OBE – Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader Rotherham Council
Cllr Jim Andrews – Barnsley East CLP Secretary & Chairman South Yorkshire Fire Authority
Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley Central CLP Secretary
Mr Alan Goy – Rother Valley CLP Secretary
Cllr Maggie Clark – Rotherham CLP Secretary
Cllr Neil Hamilton -Wentworth &…

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PCC Hustings- Questions being stage managed?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

I have just been given this outrageous, but hardly surprising, piece of news from “my inside correspondent” that South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidates have tried to introduce the following two questions into the debate to be held at New York Stadium on 8 November.

1. The Hillsborough Enquiry.

2. The Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal.

And heyho, twang my bra-strap, guess what a surprise … they’ve been told “NO”. So we look like having another contrived and stage-managed event of a beauty contest.

This of course may not be in the least little bit disappointing to our Rovrum Laybah candidate, Shaun Da Sheep. Remember, he was RMBC Cabinet Member for Childrens’ & Young Peoples’ Services, and came in way over C&YPS budget during his stewardship by some millions of pounds.

All this begs the questions –

a – just what have they got to hide

b – just who are they intent on protecting

c – and more importantly and worryingly why?

This may yet develop into something at least as large as another high-profile sexual exploitation scandal that is growing just like Topsy.

Yours in abject disappointment,

Get your (free) ticket here.

PCC Question Time Rotherham 8th November – tickets still left

We gather that perhaps 50 seats are still available for the official PCC Question Time at the New York Stadium, Rotherham  on 8th November.

The police authority website will be streaming this live on the web. to get yours.

Yes the correct date is the 8th not the 5th as I mistakenly typed it, my apologies and thanks to @redpola for pointing it out.

Shaun Wright Another Important Question?

“Unison, whose members include PCSos and other police civilian staff and is the second biggest in the police after the Police Federation, has said it is “supporting” the campaigns of three Labour candidates, John Prescott in Humberside, Shaun Wright in South Yorkshire and Mark Burns-Williamson in West Yorkshire. “We are supporting them because it is extremely important we have strong representation at the highest level,” said the union’s Yorkshire and Humberside regional officer, Chris Jenkinson.”

Sunday Telegraph.

This statement by Chris Jenkinson Regional Officer, Unison, raises serious questions of their expectations after the Labour Donkeys are elected? Nudge nudge wink wink!!!

So much for an impartiality declaration eh?

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Rotherham Politics

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

No doubt, like me, you have been bristling for the first opportunity to quiz, challenge, scrutinise and ask questions of those souls who desperately want our vote for the overpaid job of South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Well wait no longer, cos here’s your opportunity –

The Coliseum is open, the lions are hungry and roaring, and all we need is for those daft, deluded, or demented enough to think they can keep us safe and sound as our PCC, to step into the sandpit for some original audience participation blood sport.

I’m applying for my tickets. Why don’t you? Maybe we could get a coach full of Rotherham Politics readers to have front row seats and take our knitting and enjoy the blood spatter.

All Hail to Caesar and Da Dodger and Da Sheep


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Shaun Wright gets a question?

Irene Furnell’s email to Shaun Wright of today:

“I was furious(still am )as I listened to Radio Sheffield telling me that once again right wing groups are to descend on Rotherham tomorrow.

Quite apart from the massive drain on the police budget people are again worried about their safety and that of their family.

The failure to deal with the grooming of young girls when it first came to light has created this fertile ground for these obnoxious racist right wing groups to target Rotherham .

You were part of the powers that be at that time and must take your share of responsibility.At that time you resigned and ran away from the situation.

South Yorkshire Police have a very tough time ahead.

As well as policing South Yorkshire on a reduced budget they will have to deal with Hillsborough , The grooming of the young girls and possibly Orgreave.

So tell me Shaun -no convince me -why we should vote for you ?”

Irene Furnell

From: Shaun Wright
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 4:08 PM
To: Irene Furnell
Subject: RE: Contact email from

“Dear Irene,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

Given that you have known me for nearly twenty years, from your time as a Labour councillor/stalwart and since, you are well placed to make your determination about how you wish to vote.

I share your frustration at groups such as EDL coming to our town, but please do not make excuses for them. There is NO excuse on earth that justifies their hatred and violence. As you know they march all around the country and we certainly don’t want them in Rotherham.”

Best wishes,

Irene has a dim view of the answer with the observation, “Quick reply –fudged answer.”

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In Anston Secrecy Still The Norm?

Consultation, What Consultation!

May I inform residents of Anston, through your columns, that Anston Parish Council is embarking on the purchase of land which it is at pains to keep secret from members of the public.

Despite continual questioning by the public at parish council meetings, Anston Parish Council refuses to furnish answers to the public.

The chairman, Dominic Beck, has stated quite clearly that the public will not be consulted on this matter. There are rumours in this village that the land is of very substantial size. It follow, therefore, that the purchase price will be a great deal. This needs to be put before the ratepayers of Anston.

After all it is ourselves the ratepayers who will have to foot the bill, which could amount to many thousands of pounds, possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This money will have to be borrowed and, obviously, paid back with interest. This will be over many years. An onerous burden for the residents of Anston.

Anston Parish Council seek to justify this secret purchase using the following figures, which were discussed at the meeting of Monday 15 October.

Out of about 3,500 households surveyed. only 300 replies were received (less than 10 per cent). And of the 300 replie,s not all were in favour of the parish council purchasing land. The results of the whole survey have not been released to the public – WHY?

However,  despite the fact that Anston Parish Council refuses to tell the public where the land is, ex-chairman John Ireland gave the game away at Monday’s meeting.

Cllr Ireland said we want to create a buffer zone to protect Anston Stones Wood . It does not need much stretch of the imagination to work out where this land is and, given the rumours circulating around the village, it appears to be on Rackford Road.

The residents of Anston should be made aware of the financial burden that Anston Parish Council is intending to place upon them in this difficult financial climate.

It is worthy of note that four of these councillors, three of whom are Rotherham Borough councillors, do not live in the Anston catchment area, so no problem for them.

Come clean councillors – it is Anston ratepayer’s money. Consult with the Anston ratepayer.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh