Was Emma listening?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

In case any readers were wondering just how dedicated and attentive our highly-paid Ms Stasi Commissaress is during the Council meetings of the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, then feast your eyes on the dexterity with which she can apparently multi-task by twitter-twatter-fluttering while maybe listening, absorbing information and participating in the democratic debates that should govern our town.

Then read on with total shock and dismay.

The best of it is that apparently now we are to have a campaign to raise awareness in conjunction with a local paper and more info online for parents and children. Rothpol readers have been calling for this since the Times story broke many many weeks ago.

RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns are always caught with their trousers down and playing catch-up.

Kind Regards,

26 thoughts on “Was Emma listening?

  1. Further to the twitter-twattering that goes on
    this from Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester ‏@Kronos_of_Roth
    1/2 Lots of tweeters saying RMBC have questions to answer over child sex grooming there have now been 4 meetings where questions could be

    Michael Sylvester ‏@Kronos_of_Roth
    2/2 asked but no sign of the tweeters and bloggers have to ask what is their real agenda? I don’t think it’s what’s best for Rotherham

    I think we might ask what is his?

    And this from your deputy leader of RMBC
    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
    Here is an interesting question – what was Tory Nigel Bonsons role in the 84 miners strike? @simon_currie @Richardp1490 @Kronos_of_Roth

    Total Labout scum in this scruffy little town, like cocks on a dunghill


    • Labour’s Rotherham Twitterati have been very active in recent days, could it be the weather? Or have they realised they have an absolutely hopeless candidate in ‘Shaun the very greedy Sheep’ and they are involved in distraction?
      Why is Sylvester in cahoots with Labour? One has to wonder?


    • Only if you are a racist, and make specific racist remarks. Just because someone is from a particular ethnicity, religion or race doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate with them.

      The devil is in what you say, how you say it, what you intend them to think about what you’ve said etc. Jahangir Akhtar is a very able local politician who can hold his own very comfortably against any political challenger. He’s not a shrinking violet in any way.

      Chris1943 please don’t introduce a racist element that does not exist. That plays straight into the corner of the right-wing knuckle-draggers, who I presume you, like me, utterly abhor and detest.


    • Chris1943
      There isn’t a great deal I can add to Graldhunter’s response to your somewhat confusing statement in which you seem to be getting your retaliation in before saying anything to me.

      Let me assure you I am proud to have been born Kashmir, proud to be a muslim and proud to represent a ward where I have lived for over 42 years. Furthermore my ward consists of over 9,000 residents of which only 5% come from the BME Community.

      Now unless you wish to attack me over where I was born, my religion or the skin of my colour, I wouldn’t dream of calling you a racist.

      So please feel free to ask at your heart’s content although judging by your spiteful comments about the Council, our town and the Labour Party I don’t think you will particularly like my responses.

      To be helpful here are my contact details , e mail- jahangirakhtar@ymail.com
      Phone – 07875 354 607


      • Jahangir, I have the greatest respect for your heritage and religion, but that tweet was seriously beneath you. If it had come from anybody else I would not have been surprised, but it shook me that you could say such a thing. I had thought you above that sort of comment, but clearly I was wrong.
        If someone had come out and said to you. ‘Where were you when the abuse of young girls was going on’ what would you say?
        Nigel Bonson was presumably, as a member of the police force, doing what he was ordered to do. You should relaise that.


  2. Is there no limit to Hoddinott’s hypocrisy, I wonder? Wasn’t she all for keeping silent on the grooming and worse going on, she’s priceless!


  3. Don, I cannot agree with your assessment of Jahangir Akhtar. The tweet above is clearly out of order. I understand Richard price (for it is he) is planning to ask Nigel Bonson this question at the hustings, in other words another ploy to deflect criticism from the corrupt, rancid, stinking morass that is Labour controlled Rotherham Council, and the pathetic apology of a candidate Labour have backed in Shaun Wright

    Can we now ask Cllr Akhtar, Lord Ahmed, Cllr Ali and Cllr Duck and Dive MBE where they were when gangs of Pakistani men (and a Kurd) were systematically abusing girls as young as 12?

    Why have they participated in the cover up? They were part of that council which presided over 15 years of misery for young girls in Rotherham, did they know and if not why not?

    Why have they allowed a whole community to be besmirched by their conspiracy of silence so we end up with the EDL and National Front? How can they treat their own people in such a way?

    A couple of weeks ago i was accused of racism because I would not join the EDL/UAF farce in Rotherham,tell me why would I want to be seen in the company of such a hypocritical bunch as the UAF?

    There is racism and racism, but nothing so vile as condemning a whole group of people for the sins of the few.


    • Hi Chris1943,

      I see that my name is on the above so thought i’d reply. I just want to make it clear that my intentions aren’t to ask the said question to deflect critisism from the Labour candindate or any any other candindate.

      I wish to ask that the said question purley because I am from a pit Town and even though a bit young myself; resenment of how the police handled the 84 strike is somewhat still high in pit Towns. Therefore I wish to ask the question because I am just merely interested in what role he played; if he played any role at all.

      I was initially against the idea of PCC’s but now that it is inevitable; I wish to know a bit more about each candindate. That’s all.


      • Hi Richard. While you’re at it ask Shaun why he thinks he could do such a good job when he failed the young girls of Rotherham so badly. Usually where Shaun in concerned answer comes there none.


      • In a way Richard I hope you do ask the question about Mr Bonsons involvement in the miners strike (if any) because if you do it will open up the chance for all of us to question Shaun Wright on his involvement in the child grooming scandle even though, I have been told, such questions have been banned. The chairman must create a level playing field as a point of law, you know, something Cllr Akhtar knows little about. This is where there is equal oportunity for all involved, equal oportunity, two words which do not exist in the vocabulary of RMBC labour group members.


  4. So we are clear on where I stand on this issue. I had no knowledge of the grooming cases you mention until the police told us of the investigations in which a number of people were ultimatley given lengthy jail sentances. I have never covered up or told / asked anyone to do the same.

    You make scurrilous allegations that there has been a cover up without a shred of evidence. I challenge you to offer even a shred of proof.

    I do agree some of our kids have been let down but by all the instituions and society in general, exactly in the same way the Mcpherson inquirey concluded there was instititional racism.

    I would sincerely hope you would believe when I say that anyone who commits these heinous acts against our childeren should be hunted down, prosecuted and jailed for life.

    I have to take you to task on your earlier comments about Nigel Bonson “doing what he was ordered to” I dont exactly know what his role was during the miners strike but I am afraid the Nuremberg defence is not acceptable.


    • Nice of you to drop in Jahangir, the problem evidence wise is the same as faced in the Hillsborough and Orgreave cases, all the evidence is confidential and beyond the reach of even the most ingenious FOI requests.
      Don’t forget this was first spotted as a problem in Rotherham 16 years ago, according to Roger Stone and we had a department whose officers regarded prostitution as a lifestyle choice for a thirteen year old child!


      • My Pleasure Rik – You should know I never run from a fight lol. I was told that my name had been mentioned, so I felt honour bound to respond.


        • The wary trout would not take a fly so eagerly, perhaps? Chris goaded you and you took the bait!
          Still nice to have you on debating, perhaps you might encourage other Labour Group members to do likewise. Emma Hoddinott might like to explain herself?


    • I think the fact that the full independent report into this disgraceful afair has not been published and placed in the public domain is a cover up, don’t you?


    • I will reply here also. I was policing the mining communities of Golborne and Leigh, where I was brought up. I was then promoted to Salford and I was never sent to police picket lines. Of course if I had been sent I would have policed fairly as was my duty.

      Now, may we return this election for PCC back to the crucial focus of who is actually competent for the job based on their past track record?


  5. WEll at least Jahangir comes out of his shell now and again, for which I give him due regard. However, he says he didn’t know until the arrests were made. That us saying something to me that is even worse – that information was deliberately held from a sitting councillor by either council officers or other councillors. Somebody does have serious questions to answer,

    Somebody i do not give due regard to is this gentleman

    Michael Sylvester ‏@Kronos_of_Roth
    @TUMan12 will be voting for @ShaunforSYPCC but to try and establish a difference between Labour & Con Dems on cuts is disingenuous

    Retweeted by Gillian Radcliffe

    Thans Gill I would have missed it otherwise
    His pathetic excuse is cuts, which Labour nationally have agreed have to happen thanks to their economic mismanagement. I think the real reason is cosying up for a council seat. I hopw whover stands in the ward he chooses will remind electors of what he has said _ that he has no compunction about voting for a man who presided over thye worst scandal ever to hit Rotherham, and one that involved the most vulnerable members of society.


    • You Labour people make me laugh, it is your candidate, the Unison funded ‘Shaun the very greedy Sheep’, who does not come clean! It is his role in Rotherham’s sex scandal that he should answer for!


  6. Tut tut, here is me thinking this blog is supposed to be impartial!!!!!!! Surely youre not saying we shouldnt be asking ANY questions to the other Candidates!!!!!

    As I have said many many times, Shaun was selected by the rank and file Labour Party members under the one man one vote system and now the 1.2m of South Yorkshire’s citizens will have the opportunity to use thier democratic right to choose the person as the PCC.

    I would humbly request you take a more neutral role rather than the constant Labour bashing mantra which would lead to more people contributing on here and use it as a proper debating forum.


    • Hi Jahangir,

      You mean debating like Da Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns do in Town Hall Towers … only thing is we know da biznuss is really done in the Park Drive Plain blue-haze of the Ferret Handlers’ n Fettlers’ tap room while t’pie man’s dishin art snake-n-pigmy piez ta t’greedy bruvvaz-n-sistaz.

      The only bit of your post I agree with is “rank”, yeah very very rank indeed.

      Laybah will continue to be bashed until they mend their sorry ways and reflect those true, honest, selfless values that spawned the Labour Party way back yonder.

      Not the Blairite-Dodgerite sharp-suit junket-mad Beemah-mad heifer dung claptrap that’s infested Town Hall Towers.

      P.S. How many of da Rovrum Laybah bruvvaz-n-sistaz are booking air time to defend Da Dokta MacSh**e this weekend?

      He must feel like Capt Custer at the Little Big Horn, i.e. all alone and surrounded by incensed natives hollering for his scalp, if they could find one that is 🙂


      • Gralhunter

        I for one will not be defending the actions of McSane over his swindling of money from the tax payers, after all he himself has accepted his wrong doing and done the honourable thing by resigning promptly on the publishing of the report in to his conduct.


  7. I think you will find that you may ask any question you wish of Nigel Bonson and he will answer it adeptly, honestly and with the ultimate aim of attempting to persuade the people of South Yorkshire that he really is the most competent candidate based on his experience and his passion for effective policing.

    Independently of that, I am of course keen that the issues in Rotherham around grooming are fully exposed. The motive? I am a mother, a woman and a feminist. I’m keen to say that the outrage I feel that young women in Rotherham were let down so badly by the agencies who should have protected them, is not motivated by political strategy, as Michael Sylevester seems to be cynically suggesting. I sat my daughter, aged ten down yesterday, and showed her a video about grooming. I felt terrible doing this. I didn’t want to have to take away her innocence. She hasn’t even embarked on her life as an adult and I am having to arm her against these evil predators. What else would a mother do in such circumstances? I had a conversatio n on the issuewith my friend’s teenage boy for the same reason last night. Politics doesn’t come into it, Caring for our young people does! We are parents above all else.

    I want answers for the victims who stepped forward. I want those who have not come forward yet to feel the confidence to do so. Girls were being abused. Their first point of contact most likelywasn’t the police. It would have been further down the line that police became engaged if I’m not mistaken? So, I do, as a mother and a woman, with personal experience from my own youth of girls being let down by those who should have cared for them, want answers.

    Of course those answers will need to come from those who were in charge at the time.


  8. Well Jahangir you can’t defend the indefensible, not even you! As for doing the honourable thing, McShame should have resigned at least 12 months ago. Instead, how much has he pocketed of tax payers money over that period when he should have been mulling over his wrongdoing in a cell. There is no honour amongst thieves, so honourable does not, in any way, describe this man’s criminal actions.


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