Breaking News MacShane Resigning!

Our Denis is applying for the Chiltern Hundreds, one of two ways for an MP to resign.

We can confirm that MacShame has applied formally now for the ‘Office of profit under the crown,’ and it will be approved tomorrow by the Chancellor. When will the writ be moved? Will they play it short or long?

By-Election news soonest!

11 thoughts on “Breaking News MacShane Resigning!

  1. This from the BBC website

    MP for Rotherham since 1994 by-election
    Minister for Europe from 2002 to 2005
    Chaired Commons inquiry into anti-semitism in 2006
    Born in Glasgow as Denis Matyjaszek, to Irish mother and Polish father
    Changed his name when he worked at BBC as reporter and newsreader from 1969 to 1977
    ******Sacked by BBC for using fake name to call radio phone-in*******


  2. Just what planet and timewarp do these Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns live on?

    Here’s one who’s queuing up with the civic hankie to weep at the demise of the publically disgraced town MP. It’s like a Kafkaesque scene from a North Korean Dear Leedah funeral where they all line up to outdo each other in the blubbing stakes.

    “Twitter: Brian Steele”
    “I am saddened to hear about Dennis McShane, sorry to see a career end under such circumstances. He did the honourable thing by resigning. 36 minutes ago”

    I’m not saddened or sorry to see the rear view of Da Dokta. I’m over the moon that wrongdoing has been recognised and he’s been humiliated into publically resigning.

    I’m sure those Rovrum citizens who struggle to makes ends meet each week and who find their benefits cut and pensions degraded are not crying a bucketful of tears for this man who has done so much to damage Rovrum’s reputation and drag its once-great name through the mud.

    Begone. Offsky. Imshi. Go and find somewhere else to peddle your level of honesty, standards and integrity.

    In my mind I am repeating the phrase he used in All Saint’s Square but replacing the EDL with his name 🙂


  3. McShane started from dishonesty when he stood for election initially. He claimed to be living with his brother in Todwick of course he wasn’t, but he needed a British address.
    His career started from dishonesty and clearly carried on in the same way.
    Barron and his jollies and rent swapping should be the next!


    • I agree Mc Shane did the decent thing, for once…will Barron? He is just as bad although he doesn’t break rules, he knows exactly how to manipulate them. In my view he has lost his moral compass and is no longer acting in the interests of the people who put him in his privelaged position. Barron should also go.


  4. George Galloway is calling for crown prosecutuion to deal with Denis MacShane
    Respect have overturned a 10,000 majority once maybe they are thinkiing they will stand a candidate in Rotherham by-electioon and try to do it again


    • If they do Irene, it will be because of RMBC’s total refusal to deal with the child-grooming scandal. They have playewd right into their hands by pussyfooting around with this mythical ‘community cohesion’ rubbish. Why are they in such denial? There can be no cohesion without openness and acceptance that none of us are angels and that good and bad exist in all communities.

      Actuall I’d like to deal with Galloway myself. Used to geld pigs in my youth don’t you know?


      • Did you use a knife .. or your teeth like the Australian stockmen do with their sheep?

        The stockman’s dog always appreciates a diet of fresh hot nuts, don’t ya know 🙂


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