MacShane – has a bad day got worse?

Sources indicate that a summons has been issued in respect of his public order offence.

MacShame could hardly deny it after all, it was well covered at the time of his intemperate outburst. Looks like apologies will not be enough, this time!

1 thought on “MacShane – has a bad day got worse?

  1. What really has annoyed me is the fact McShane open smiles and gloats that the police carn’t do anything about his fiddling, because of the parlimentary priviledge rules in respect of the notes and invoices that he submitted in relation to his expenses.

    I like many people in Rotherham openly support the call for another Police review into this case.
    The CPS also play an important part, they need to show the public that they are vigourously pursuing a man who had deceived thousands of pounds from tax payers who elected him.
    Labour supporters have rallied around him already saying “Its a shame he was a good MP”
    Labour supporters and MP seem to be ignoring the fact he’s been fiddling, and still may go to prison yet.


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