All Wimmin Shortlist For Labour?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

My Agent “White Rabbit” embedded in deep cover in Town Hall Towers/Lubyanka has this evening wirelessed me that Ms Stasi Commissaress* is apoplectic with rage and pink disenchantment at finding out that the new Rovrum Laybah MP List won’t be “wimmin-only”.

Apparently the Sale boards were already ordered, the Champayne chattering clarsses put on standby for a Westminster canapes partee, and Grattans were informed of a potential change of address.

The SP is that the List will be open to both menn and wimmin, so that clearly puts our 1st Class Rail Travel Guru** at a tactical advantage for the moment.

This may yet turn out to be the most popular public weasel scrap for some time. I’ve got a ringside seat ordered and hope to feed regular reports out to the world from Agent “White Rabbit”.

Kind Regards,

* Aka Councillor Emma Hoddinott North Yorks County Council Unison Pilgrim.

**Aka Councillor Look, Duck & Vanish MBE.

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