What’s on Mahroof’s mind?

The Middlesborough  Gazette lets the ‘cat out of the bag’!

Many thanks go to our anonymous, but very observant source for this.

Councillor Look, Duck & Vanish MBE, will be busy brown nosing, for a while, at least?

10 thoughts on “What’s on Mahroof’s mind?

  1. And there’s me thinking that the !st Class Rail Travel Guru was going 2nd Class single to Middlesbrough 🙂

    Run for the hills and hide, he’s coming back. We’re doomed, we’re doomed 😦

    Maybe Virgin East Coast can see a promising business opportunity here?


  2. Mahroof for Rotherham! Doesn’t sound right some how?
    My advice, turn up tomorrow, before we get the chance to point out some of your deficiencies to the people of Rotherham!


    • Thanks for the link, I knew someone would come up with a link for us, we are that kind of blog.
      Our readers, are also our eyes and our ears. All information is gratefully received.


  3. Heard that a Ged Dempsey from Rotherhsm and Unite trade unionist has been talked about to fight for Labour?

    Seen his stuff in media.over years

    If its true,
    hes from the real world of voters and he can relate.to them


  4. Hi first time poster though I have been a keen follower of this blog for sometime on local issues. I think some of the criticism for Councillor Hussain is somewhat unjustified. Unless you are his local constituent or have had any direct dealings with him, I don’t think you are in a position to be so critical. I live in the Boston Castle ward and think Mahroof is an excellent councillor. I have contacted him on two occasions and on both he was truly fantastic.

    My young suffers from severe aspergers symptoms and the DWP messed up his benefits and completely stopped them. I went to the CAB in town so see an advisor but they were really busy and could only offer me an appointment in three weeks time, which was jus too long. So I decided to give Mahroof a call. I had never approached any politician before for any help so was a but unsure if he was the right person to contact. I spoke to him and arranged to meet the following day. To cut a long story short he helped me all the way through the case, which eventually went to a tribunal and Mahroof went along with me to the tribunal and made the representations on my behalf and got my son benefits reinstated.

    On the second occasion, the son of a young couple who live across the road to me got arrested. The lad had been bullied and this had been notified to the police previously but no action was taken. On this occasion this young lad lashed out at the bullies who then reported him to the police and was arrested. It was around 8 on a Friday evening when this happened so I called Mahroof on behalf of the couple who were really upset and distraught. He came out right away and spent a number of hours at the couples house making calls to various people including the chief constable. He only left when the young lad was released without any further charge from the police.

    I have dealt with him on two occasions and both times he been great help. If Mahroof is thinking of going to this position then I think he’s the most suitable person for it and he definitely got my vote. I think some people are too quick to judge people without actually have any contact with them. Sorry for such a long response.

    Kind Regards



    • Welcome Vakas,

      Are you aware of your candidate’s particular preference for 1st Class Rail Travel?

      You ought to be aware as you, me and the other town taxpayers were paying for his journeys. Self-employed business men and women go 2nd class standard rail to London, but oh not not our 1st Class Rail Travel Guru, he has to have 1st Class 😦

      I too hope he gets the MPs job. Anything to get him out of Rotherham 🙂


      • Let him get the Middlesbrough job, though I doubt it, but we certainly don’t want another dead duck in Rotherham. Sorry Vakas, not impressed with yout tales of his greatness. MBE stands for Misses Bloody Everything in his case He sat on the council that tried to cover up the persistant abuse of young girls, and I’m sorry, I do not cosider him suitable to a be an MP. A bloke who writes his own Wikipaedia entry does not rate highly in my estimation.


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