MacShane – The Coup De Grâce!

The BBC have selected the whole lot for our amusement, go to:

MacShane not above the law! Kevin Barron.

The full report referred to, can be viewed using the link below:

5 thoughts on “MacShane – The Coup De Grâce!

  1. I wept tears of laughter when I read this article and then wept tears of dispair. What does Barron think we, the electorate are ? Bloody fool’s obviously ! For a guy who chair’s the Standards and Privilege committee he has some face you have to concede.

    An MP who jollies all over the world and indulges in rent swapping for his own gratification to even comment on McShane takes some brass neck !

    As my Mum used to say – time to put your hand over your gob and shout full up – Kevin.

    There is no difference between excessive and illegal expense claims in my eyes. Both are born from greed. Neither of which I expect from a Labour MP.

    Kettle and pot come to mind.

    Another spoiled ballot paper is imminent I fear.


  2. If the Met Police and the CPS are not to become the object of mirth, they must step up on this one and investigate thoroughly and then prosecute MacShane.

    Remember Jim Devine and Eric Illsley! MacShane must be prosecuted and then jailed for his dishonesty.

    Removal from the Privy Council is also required, if it is also not to be held in contempt by the people!


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