Rotherham By-Election 29th Nov!

It is understood that the by-election writ will be moved in parliament tomorrow!

The most likely date 29th November and Mahroof Hussain the Labour candidate.

News just in: The Labour Party will be short listing Monday, in London, with a hustings meeting for members in Rotherham, on Tuesday evening.

15 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election 29th Nov!

  1. Twice now in a generation, the Labour NEC gets to decide who will be the MP for Rotherham. Outrageous!

    Don’t Labour members count for anything any more? The NEC are surely taking the p**s this time!


    • Hi,
      Members of the Labour Party will get say because on Tuesday 13th theres a hustings in which we will be able to quiz the candidates who have been shortlisted by the NEC on the Monday.


  2. Hey all you nay-sayers, look on the bright side for once πŸ™‚

    If our RMBC 1st Class Rail Travel Guru does get the toss-off job at the Big Boss’s House in da Smoke at last we’ll not be paying for the future 1st class rail fare out of our town rates πŸ™‚

    Plus that will pee-off big time Ms Stasi Commissaress who was counting on a “wimmin only” list, not a “menn-n-wimmin” one. So that puts her purdy pink nose well out of joint πŸ™‚

    He’s gotta be a lot better investment for our town than 18-Laptops-what’s-his-name, n’est pas? I think I’d vote for him just to get him out of our town πŸ™‚

    Oh what a joyous mirthful spectacle to see da Rovrum Laybah Sewshalist bruvvaz-n-sistaz feyting like weasels in sack, right, reyt, reight, rayt πŸ™‚

    I bet the BNP – EDL will field some candidates in our town and make a healthy showing what with all the recent Town Hall Towers shenanigans and cover-ups.


  3. It can be reported that Peter Thirlwall is currently considering his position over the impending Rotherham by-election. This change of heart has been entirely due to the support he is getting.


  4. Mmmm Vakas maybe that’s the point , Labour Party members can ‘quiz’ not ‘choose’ from hand picked candidates. The people are sick to death of Party machines leading not following their members. The shiny suits foiled Peter Thirwall years ago it will serve them right if he takes Rotherham away from them.
    Not that I have any faith in any of ’em!
    Pete’s expensive suits have always been cause for concern lol


  5. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing Ralph Dyson, a local trade union activist, as a socialist alternative to the three pro-cuts parties and the far-right. Ralph is standing to be a Workers MP on a Workers Wage, against corruption, austerity cuts and racism.


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