8 thoughts on “SYPCC Hustings Webcast – Watch it here, anytime you like!

  1. After installing latest releases of Microsoft SIlverlight and Microsoft WIndows Media VIdeo 9 codecs , and Real Placer – it’s working in Chrome.


    • I am a Labour Party member but cannot bring myself to vote for this Labour candidate. He is arrogant, relies entirely on sound bites and populist phrases, shows no remorse for past errors and finally, the more that I hear, read and findout about him, the deeper my concerns. I am voting for the best candidate rather than party allegiance.


  2. Just watched the whole thing, Shaun Wright just read his pre-prepared answers, what a disgrace!

    Shan’t be voting for him either, I never thought I would ever vote for a Conservative but Bonson was the only really credible candidate, will vote for him too!


  3. Having watched all five candidates on the SYPCC Webcast I must say that I was quite impressed with Arnott, personally I thought he was a good speaker and had done his homework. He says he will give 20% of the salary to charity involving victims of crime.

    Bonson not bad, however, I do think hes to close to his pals (The Police) if another serious incident happened, all pals together etc.
    He said he would take all the salary i.e.£85,000 salary. Expecting public to vote for him when his govt have cut police budget by 20% (Poacher turned Gamekeeper)

    Teal, trying to act as though hes a friend of the man in the street, no policies ( Sorry, but as trust- worthy as Nick Clegg (Responsible as the tories for cutting police budget and now expecting public to vote for him.

    Allen, Keeps harping on about warranted Officers (Hes lost me on this one if Im honest,) Seems a nice bloke and all that, and did offer to give some of the salary to charity unlike Bonson, Teal and Wright, However doesnt seem to put any inovative ideas forward.

    Wright, felt quite embarrassed for him, the public are onto his case (Child Grooming) this will be an issue for him if elected and would be another embarrassment for the Labour Party, obviously reading answers. He stated he keep the salary (£85,000) but would continue to be a councillor but would give up his salary ( No mention who to, I suspect the Labour Party)
    Bad Day at the Office for Shaun.


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