MacShane – An Inspector will call?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

I began my early morning off-duty shift today by scanning tinternet for meaty stories to enjoy with my 100% Arabica cawfee and chanced on this delightful gem which I wish to share with all-n-sundry in a spirit of mirth, enjoyment, exhuberance and sheer devilment.

It seems like da Dokta im slipping neck-deep im da doo-doo.

Oh dear, how sad

Yours mirthfully,

4 thoughts on “MacShane – An Inspector will call?

  1. MacShane was greedy! The 1994 by-election serves as a warning to Labour, get the wrong candidate and Labour will lose this time!

    Mahroof Hussain or Emma Hoddinott would fit the bill as wrong candidates.


  2. Only hope South Yorkshire Police throw in a charge regarding the obscene language. Yes I do believe in kicking a man whilst he’s down. This thieving git deserves everything throwing at him.


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