Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 10th Nov

Respect are announcing their candidate this afternoon at a rally.

Newflash: George Galloway MP has announced Yvonne Ridley as Respects candidate in the Rotherham by-election. Many people there! That will concentrate Labour’s mind?

Not half, this is as far as they are concerned, awful news, running around like headless chickens as this is written.

The Unite contingent are in London today seeking the unions backing.

Labour Shortlisting Monday. A new name for readers to ponder upon, Colin Burgon’s son, Richard, a solictor! GMB Backed we have been told and gaining some momentum.

Updated as further news comes in, email rothpol with your news.


17 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 10th Nov

  1. George Gallaway and Yvonne Ridley are in Rotherham, their arrival on Corporation Street caused quite a stir, they were mobbed by supporters and well wishes, what was noticeable was the cross section of the voting public going to meet them both.
    Watching them both engage with retired miners and steelworkers was something to see, this wasn’t a party that only had support in one area of the community.


  2. If Jahangir Akhtar still wants to cleanse Rotherham, suggest he does it now. It will take a long time for the stink to subside after today. Read Ridley’s bio on Wikipaedia – fascinating Galloway is beneath contempt, what a delightful party!!!!!!!!!!


    • I knew the day would come when me and you would agree on something Chris -)))

      I totally agree with your thoughts about GG. He is an excellent orator who knows exactly what his target audience wants to hear but the I don’t think the voters of Rotherham will be fooled with his pandering to one section of our community.


  3. Cross section of society? Apart from some journos, and convicted violent racist Carole Swords everyone there was Muslim and most of them were men!


    • Moose, what does a “Muslim” look like?

      How can you tell them from you, me or anyone else?

      Do they look different?

      Do they speak in a different language?

      Gosh, I need to know these things so I can shake their hand and congratulate them on being so discerning in rejecting the RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and rejecting the Rovrum Laybah junketing and political patronage machine.


  4. Mahroof’s stock has been falling since it was realised, he is not a suitable by-election candidate!
    He is terrible on the broadcast media and the detailed exposure would end up making him look bad too. He would, however, make a most suitable General Election candidate, lost in the national coverage he could then develop and make a excellent Labour MP, I am sure. The Town deserves an outstanding and honest by-election candidate and I am also sure that we will deliver that next week.


  5. Labour has a tough ask.

    Rotherham must have a strong candidate who will stand up 4 our town and be our voice. Not be another flunky or blair babe.

    They must not be tainted by the grooming coverup or else voters will be turnrd off.

    The candidate needs to be a proven fighter.


  6. Proven fighter,that surely must rule Hussain out.

    Cabinet Member for cohesion, excuse given for not taking robust action against child abusers, the impact on community cohesion.

    What was Hussain doing while children were being raped in Rotherham?


    Oh I forgot he will fit in nicely as the towns new MP, just the type of individual Labour would select.


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