Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 11th Nov

Welcome to you on this beautiful Sunday morning, the day that Labour members realise that they have a real fight on their hands!

Respects Yvonne Ridley, has a reputation as a formidable campaigner, that will go down well with the ex-Labour voters in Rotherham, who now stay away from voting because the Labour Party no longer even seeks to represent them! There are enough of them to swing the vote decisively! Oh dear! Yvonne on Twitter, @yvonneridley.

Labour Selection: In addition to Richard Burgon, there are three suitors with easily recognisable surnames, desperately seeking parliamentary seats. I speak of  Will Straw, Euan Blair and Joe Dromey, no less! Labour Royalty even, dynasties in the making?

The #nocarpetbaggershere Twitter #tag is being used to imply support for Mahroof Hussain, even by some who privately can’t stand him and use the most derogatory of terms when describing Mahroof Hussain in private. Politicians saying one thing in public, then doing another in private, well I never! Machiavelli is alive and well and can be seen in Rotherham’s Lubyanka!

Omar Meban has withdrawn in favour of Yvonne and has said that everyone is welcome to join him in helping with Yvonne’s campaign.

Newsflash!!!! Another Independent candidate has declared, this time the Rev Simon Copley! More about this in the first post tomorrow.

Updated as further news comes in, email rothpol with your news.

28 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 11th Nov

  1. If I was Jahangir I would stop digging, the hole is getting deeper by every Tweet.
    Game, set and Match to Ridley.
    Out of his depth with this Sister!


  2. In 2012 the Deputy Leader of RMBC using terms as dear lady and pet!
    Jahangir Aktar should be ashamed of himself; he is coming over as someone out of the Roger Stone mould.
    I was told the culture within the Rotherham Labour Group was chauvinistic and the evidence is there to see on Twitter, it’s like being in the dark ages.

    Is it any wonder Labour in Rotherham is reviled


    • I think you all need to look at the record for Respect on this issue. Accusations of bullying and intimidation of females in Bradford, and the resignation of Salma Yakoub speak volumes. as does the Assage comments of ‘pussycat’ George.

      Yesterday I was told that the council has refused Respect use of the Gallery in the Old town Hall, Today the delightful Yvonne tells me it is three but won’t name them, merely tells me she won’t be bullied. I am no Labour supporter, but if RMBC is refusing venues on the grounds of the politics of the hirer, then I am concerned.

      All this is detracting from the real issues in Rotherham, corrupt MPs and grooming gangs.


      • The Labour Party, does not own the Town, we do! It is outrageous that there is this much political interference in Rotherham!

        This by-election will bring a focus on our Town. Those that look closely, will find themselves appalled, at what is really going on in Rotherham!

        Seem to remember that Michael Elmer, had a name for this combination of arrogance, greed and rigid control through patronage and at great expense to the taxpayer, “Scum Labour” I think it was!

        As a Labour member myself, after watching the Twitter argument with Yvonne Ridley and the contents of the news I despair, and I am afraid, if Mahroof Hussain is selected, then I will be cutting my card up!

        I know I am not alone, I see trouble ahead and I feel so let down by Labour.


      • Chris

        FYI – The Council doesn’t own or lease the old market hall and has absolutely no influence on the hiring policy of the organisation which occupies it.

        I am sure you will see many more such scurilouse allegations by the not so respectable respect party.


      • Chris
        The council doesn’t own or lease the old market hall. it has no influence over the hiring or usage of the hall. But I don’t think these people will let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy story.


  3. “there are three suitors with easily recognisable surnames, desperately seeking parliamentary seats. I speak of Will Straw, Euan Blair and Joe Dromey, no less! ”

    None of them will stand here
    Labour have already longlisted applicants called for an interview in London tomorrow

    Interesting race for second place between Ridley, UKIP/BNP.


    • Thanks for confirming that I have just been advised of by phone from a well placed source.

      Members Hustings meeting with the shortlisted candidates Tuesday New York Stadium Rotherham!


      • The son of the Bishop of Hull is one of the candidates longlisted.

        Thinking about the shortlist: 1 or 2 women must be on it. I am told Emma Hoddinott didn’t apply (but it was before the deadline to submit the application expired, so things could have changed).


  4. Jahangir, I don’t believe anything they say and an really concerned that this will be whipped up into a racial issue. I have heard the reports from Tower Hamlets and Bradford and can form my opinions on that Didn’t think we’d ever agree on anything but here we are!!!


    • Jahangir you only have to type your name into google images to see exactly who snuggled up to the recently departed MP, the not so right honourable Dr McShane!


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