Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 12th Nov

We can predict with some certainty that the Rotherham by-election will be the dirtiest campaign ever, in Rotherham!

Already we have seen Respect locked out of a meeting room they had booked for their rally and confirmation of their candidate Yvonne Ridley!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rotherham Labour is now threatening a Mosque, who have the temerity to issue an invitation to the Respect candidate to enable members to listen to the arguments from Yvonne Ridley. Low and behold they have been advised that should this meeting take place the Mosque can whistle if it wants planning permission to rebuild! Story so far in the comments on the post, Respect and Rotherham.

This kind of infantile, fundamentally anti-democratic behaviour, is just what we have come to expect from Labour in Rotherham. They think the ‘own’ the Town and when challenged, there is no low-down dirty trick or stunt they will not pull, even if laws are broken! Rotherham Labour are a thorough disgrace to the word democracy! This by-election will expose that to everyone, the Labour Party must get a grip, before they become a complete laughing stock.

Labour Party aspirants, down in London today, for the selection of the shortlist to be put to Labour members at New York Stadium tomorrow night! Understand Eddie Izzard may be the surprise inclusion on the shortlist! Information now in, indicates Eddie Izzard is the preferred candidate! Mahroof must not be on the, very shortlist!

Civil war has broken out in Rotherham since the unveiling of the all wimmin shortlist forecast recently on Rotherham Politics. look very likely that Yvonne Ridley will be getting more volunteers for her campaign,very soon!

Ralph Dyson, The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate has taken his campaign onto the web, to view his site, click here. Ralph Dyson.

Breaking News: The Liberal, Robert Teal, has been selected to be their candidate in Rotherham!

Updated as further news comes in, email rothpol with your news.

24 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 12th Nov

  1. Just been advised that Ged Dempsey, the local Trades Union and Labour activist, got ignored as a potential Labour Candidate for Rotherham.

    The metropolitan elite would not, it would appear, even consider a real person or a socialist, even.

    Should be interesting watching Eddie Izzard impersonating a politician?


    • This is Turning into a very dirty fight. And the campaign hasn’t even started. If Mahroof is not selected as the labour candidate then all bets are off. I know a lot of people in the local Pakistani communit, and no one as far as I’m aware especially no mosque has been threatened by anyone. And no mosque has given any candidate an invitation. There seems to be a lot dirty spinning going on here.


  2. Brother
    I dont want to be rude, our community is going through a difficult time, so what if a person done
    announcement for GEORGE GALLOWAY AND YVONNE RIDLEY to come to our masjid in Rotherham, due to that fact people are realising what is happening in our community, alot of people were not aware, it is published on the newspaper in our community.
    I just feel that is wrong to actually cancel the booking, this is why the council are playing dirty politics I am not been bad but it is wrong, if i called you as a guest in our community we can not let a guest come and speak. WHAT IS WRONG WITH GEORGE GALLOWAY AND YVONNE RIDLEY.
    If there are not welcome here, Why what have there done to our community, George Galloway is a Member of Parliament, whats wrong with calling a member of Parliament down to Rotherham, as a guest speaker to do a speech in our community this is basically because of voting or is it because you dont like him personally.


  3. Says more about Labour that kept Ged off shortlist.
    At least he’s real person of shopfloor. not afraid of challenging politicians & speaking up for Rotherham people on issues.


  4. Anonymous appears to be on the money here. Nobody knows anything about any mosque invite that I have spoken to in Eastwood over the last 24 hours. I have asked Miss or Ms or whatever she wants to be called Ridley for confirmati0n of the venues that were cancelled, as I would have raised it through this site and the local media, as this is clearly undemocratic. She merely replied that she was not going to be bullied, and that a restaurant owner was bullied into refusing them use of his premises.

    And furthermore, planning decisions are open to public scrutiny and can be appealed to the inspectorate who are not subject to political interference, so if the application is turned down, then there is always the right of appeal. Sorry not very impressed with as lot of what is going on at the moment, the failure of RMBC to protect vulnerable children and MacShame turned into political footballs _ are you listening Shaun Wright?


    • chris1943 – the most pertinent part of your posting is “appears”.

      For the FACTS, not opinions or “appears”, just read the link RothPol has kindly provided.


      • From Labour List Site

        The shortlist has been announced for the Rotherham by-election selection. The candidates for the Labour nomination are:

        – Sarah Champion is the Chief Exec of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a role she has held since 2008. Before that she was chief executive of the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester for 12 years.

        – Sophy Gardner is a former RAF Wing Commander, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was also in charge of RAF transport and refuelling assets during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Afghanistan operations 2001-2, for which she was awarded the MBE. She’s an advocate for Labour Friends of the Forces, and runs her own communications strategy consultancy. Gardner was shortlisted for Feltham and Heston.

        The selection meeting is tomorrow.


  5. Rothpol and Grald Hunter, the friends i have on Eastwood are largely from work, and some of them I have known over 30 years, There is no need to ask ‘questions’, it is a hot topic of conversation believe me. I am no lover of the Labour party, and am only too well aware of te stunts they pull, and Respect are very much out of the same mould – rumour, unfounded allegation and sheer spite all come to mind If you want a little light reading try this
    And I am no lover of the Guardian either, but now and again it rushes in where angels fear to tread.

    I have read the stuff from 9/11/2012 and the download from RMBC, and I think the main issue will be that of parking, which the application Transportation Statement seeks to address. So the application should be judged on its merits not on whether some Moslen convert and a rather seedy MP have been asked to speak in the original building. The only fact of which I am aware Grald is that a planning application has been submitted

    Jahangir informs me that RMBC do not own the old Market Building, which I accept in the absence of other evidence to the contrary. I have had no response to my requests about the other 2 alleged lockouts. I do not know if Dave Smith got an answer to his question on Ms Ridley’s stance on grooming gangs.

    And Grald Hunter, you need to look at the times ‘appears’ or ‘I think’ or ‘it seems’ and similar expressions and you have chosen not to make a comment. Why make one now?


    • So Mahroof has not been shortlisted. Labour have just shot themselves in the foot. The party’s last attempt to impose a candidate has ended in tears after 16 years. Galloway has been a lifelong member of the NUM. I think he could cobble together a winning coalition: Obama style. Labour will still be the favourite but it will not be an easy win. Its time to shake up the one party state.


      • Surprise.
        See mahroof has been bought off /bribed by party. The lure of a safe seat like rother vslley in gen election. Wont be destroyed by hi profile media in this byelection.


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