SY PCC Elections – flip-flopping?

Slipping under the radar is the news that Shaun Wright intends to stand down from his role as Councillor!

This leaves the door open for the Rotherham Labour Party to impose Tory Boy onto the unsuspecting citizens of Wrights ward, sounds familiar it should.

On one hand they bleat about the NEC and their selection process for candidates and then ape the NEC in putting Tory Boy forward!

The full stench of Rotherham Labour hypocrisy!

To rub salt into the wound, in a previous role Tory Boy was involved with that secretive sect trying to build on green belt in Anston, surprise, surprise the sect are back with a modified application.

I wonder who has been advising them?

4 thoughts on “SY PCC Elections – flip-flopping?

    • Quite. If he can be evasive on this, what else is he to be trusted about in decision making processes crucial to our effective policing and public safety?


  1. I have been unable to get a definite confirmation from Shaun Wright over his intentions on this. On community radio yesterday he was very vague. Perhaps he hasn’t been advised yet? However it was Nigel Bonson who has repeatedly pointed out in hustings and elsewhere that it is a conflict of interest. Being Party Political in the council chamber and then flipping to remain supposedly impartial in the post of PCC is surely a huge expectation of any candidate. This does not even take into account the fact that the Police Commissioner role will, or should, be a very demanding post. Can anyone really do it justice as a part-timer? Nigel Bonson would make it his only job. Nigel made a 30 year career choice to commit to the fighting of crime and a further 7 managing offenders. Can any other candidate say that?


    • It’s a massive job with a salary to match and Nigel Bonson appears to be the only candidate able to commit to what the job requires, full time with no outside interferance or influence. I just hope he is elected.


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