Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 14th Nov

The morning after the night before edition.

Labour last night selected Sarah Champion with the grand total of 13 votes!

John Healey, MP for Wentworth & Dearne has already been appointed ‘minder’ to Sarah Champion, an interesting job, I would imagine?

This, after some of the most disgraceful scenes to be witnessed at a meeting of the Labour Party in Rotherham, or anywhere for that matter. All under the watchful eye of Len Tingle and the BBC’s cameras.

Yvonne Ridley, the Respect candidate, is reportedly no longer short of local help as those disgruntled by last nights events gravitate towards her campaign, motivated by their anger at their failure to secure the Labour nomination for Mahroof Hussain.

The question on everyone’s lips, did we witness the ending of a political career on our televisions, last night? Or the exposure of a Constituency Labour Party, penetrated by the most ugly and fundamentally un-democratic element since Militant!

34 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 14th Nov

  1. As much as I want Labour to win this by election as a members last night we had to send a clear message to the national party. I know many people dont like Mahroof on here and I dont want to argue about that, but the point is that he is highly regarded by many, though not all, in the local party. I know some people on here have suggested that this was Mahroof spitting his dummy out in front of the BBC cameras, but think what you like, that was most certainly not the case. He had no involvement any way shape or form. It was senior members of the party like Anna Chester and Maggie Clarke, who have devoted their life to the party who were at the forefront of the rebellion and rightly so.

    I’m not sure how many if any local members will be on the streets door knocking, but I certainly wont be. If more follow suit I dont think Labour will hold the seat. Yvonne is a great candidate and an inspirational woman, but I dont think they have enough time to garner enough support for this by election. What she could do is take enough votes of Labour to let in UKIP. Might a cheeky flutter on UKIP :-)!!!!


    • Anon That’s exactly what I was told last night. Card carrying labour members were incensed at their treatment by Labour hierarchy and that is what they showed. Just a pity the 29 that remained in the room didn’t walk out too. Such a show of solidarity would have sent a much harder message to the suits. Instead they have a candidate they don’t want and the likelihood of losing the seat. Members from Rother Valley have also said they won’t campaign either. The anger of Rotherham member’s will resound all over the Borough for a long time. If the suits want to destroy Rotherham Labour they have certainly made an excellent start.


  2. On second thought he was a great choice. First thing he can teach her is how to claim expenses. He’s very adept in that ! £55.180.38 for 2011/12 according to IPSA.
    By now people will have sussed I’m pretty p….ssed of with the Labour Party and it’s rentswapping junket taking greedy egotistical power mad oh I could just go on and on …………….


  3. Watching the BBC Breakfast news coverage of the selection meeting I couldn’t help but notice the Cheshire cat grin on that loyal member of the party Mahroof Hussain, my did he look pleased with himself.
    As the saying goes what goes around comes around and in this case how true, how many of those rank and file Labour Party members voted to support Shaun Wright for PCC, an individual not qualified for the role and how many are supporting Tory boy for Rawmarsh?
    The NEC have made it clear it’s all about a clean break from what’s gone off in the past in Rotherham, the MacShane scandal and the child abuse scandal, no matter what individuals may say in support of Hussain, he was part of the highly paid controlling cabinet group so therefore culpable for the response from RMBC to the abuse, would you select him on that point alone?
    The NEC know full well that party supporters will continue to vote Labour they also know that party members will not vote for Respect, so no need to humour the locals., the NEC can do what it likes and the locals can do nothing about it.
    Any more news on any attempt to bully local community leaders or business men not to support Respect?

    Rothpol would it be helpful to publish the contact details of each of the party’s, excluding the BNP?






  5. This is latest stitch up in this area

    Major jarvis

    They did in local candidates in all like thirwell

    Kinnock did same to hemsworth people and num with doing in capstick

    Healey is a puppet for labour


  6. Maggi Clarke and Anna Chester among the walkouts? Inexplicable!
    Clarke is an RMBC Councillor who also works for Healey and Chester a party apparatchik and MacShames Agent!


  7. Not only are the comments by Cllr License inappropriate you have to ask yourself how would Cllr Licence know anything about the details of a confidential interview?
    My understanding and I will stand corrected is that he was not on the interview panel, so given the timeline from interview to making the offensive Tweets, what gave Cllr License the right to make the comments, had he been briefed and if so has there been a serious breach of confidentiality?


  8. So the official list of candidates has been published by the council.
    They are 11. The BNP woman is the only one living in the constituency. Everyone else comes from other areas (some from next door areas, some from distant places).
    The 10 names who signed Sarah Champion’s papers are: Brisland Kathryn, Newton Fraser,
    Rowbotham Lee R, Kaye Barry A, Barron Frances S , Fox Louise, Newton Shirley, Sharman Terence R, Barron Ian C, Din Shahnaz


    • S Thornton
      Well I never, RMBC Cllrs bleating about democracy, now they know the feeling when we speak of democracy here in Rotherham. All this talk of not pounding the Streets for the Candidate is pure hokum. When the Party Towers and powers remind them that they will not be selected for Committees next year ( so no pay increases) they will all bend over and do as they are told. No one was brave enough to stick their head up above the parapet and rebel against the Party regarding the sex abuse case, so I doubt very much if anyone will cause a fuss over this one. So Cllrs, dust off your Winter Macs, its cold out there, and run along and do as your told .


  9. Its been a complete farce and made Labour a laughing stock in rotherham and the rest of UK.

    You couldn”t make it up a wing commander and a chief exec on a imposed shortlist of 2 with not one local candidate with party or union experience?

    perhaps as twitters have said. those on our labour policy forums and NEC will now earn their corn and campaign against this lack of democracy from the big wigs at head office. probably not so that they don’t make waves and damage their personal chances in future.


  10. TUT TUT TUT,,,,surely Rotherham is an embarrassment all around. From police to local councillors and MP’s, to local people, its a shame shame shame. And Labour with its hold on the town seems unbreakable, although a one time labour supporters I would hate to see Labour win. That hold is strangling the people of Rotherham. Our councillors take more money then city councillors, just think. Our police is useless and hiding the grooming scandal. I for one will be voting Yvonne only cos I think she would have a more favourable vote in the commons for my heart.

    I find Councillor Akhtar Sadistic, sad pathetic man. And Councillor Maroof seems like a nice guy but he is not in the standing. Has he had the guts to leave Labour and become independent or is he that low too….Just remember we are in huge debt because of this Labour Party who you are all talking so highly off.


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