South Yorkshire PCC Results

The results are now in:

Shaun Wright Labour 74,615 (51.35%)
David Allen English Democrat 22,608 (15.56%)
Nigel Bonson Conservative 21,075 (14.51%)
Jonathan Arnott UKIP 16,773 (11.54%)
Rob Teal Liberal Democrat 10,223 (7.04%)

Elected: Shaun Wright

Electorate 1,000,015; Turnout 145,294 (14.53%)

The Rotherham Results in full:

David Allen English Democrat 5034
Jonathan Arnott UKIP 4737
Nigel Bonson Conservative 4660
Rob Teal Liberal Democrat 1211
Shaun Wright Labour 16374

Spoilt Papers 618

BBC’s James Vincent analyses the South Yorkshire result.

35 thoughts on “South Yorkshire PCC Results

  1. …and that is exactly how the By-Election will go…….opposition vote splt so much, Labour will win

    all you need is a red rosette…..what you say or what you do does not matter….


    • must agree with u strange fish on this one,things are on the change politically and i think you,ll find in years to come labour will be the losers,lets give shaun a chance at least ,lets see wat shaun will do on behalf of the miners at orgreaves ,the hillsborough affair and one of the worst crimes to hit this country for years the child grooming of rotherham CHILDREN,everyone that voted labour by the way av condoned the actions of rmbc over this horrid crime against i say give him a chance but always be there watching over him,i will


      • I hope times are a changing – my fear though is probably not for the best.

        The people of Rotherham have missed one opportunity to show their dis pleasure about what has gone – I think theywill miss another. At the risk of repeating myself they just see the rosette and blindly vote – they don’t make any association.

        I have my own views on the grooming scandal which are different to the official findings – but no one is brought to book. The silent majority are left to suffer.

        We have no chance other than give Shaun a chance – but wasn’t he there and aware when this was happening.

        People bemoan that the the By-Election candidate isn’t a local, but so aren’t some of the others.

        Does Rotherham really need the likes of George Galloway here pursuing his personal agenda?
        It’s pity we can’t embed You Tube videos of him on here – the one of him on Big Brother would be enough to put anybody off him and Respect.

        At the risk of being controversial (and I don’t want to be) Hillsborough and Orgreave are in the past (although granted they need sorting). Do we really need to wait for the current scandal to be 10 or 20 years old before an enquiry is held and people held to account – I hope not.


  2. And now Shaun Da Sheep’s problems, and ours really will start in earnest 😦

    I think I can expect all his wonderful character facets of experience, talent, strategic foresight, highly-developed listening skills, problem-solving, networking and tactical awareness to be at our disposal 24/7 – can’t I?

    Oh dear, if not then I think that there’s gonna be a fair bit of challenge, scrutiny and observation of our Police-n-Clown Commishna 🙂


  3. You could stick a blind pig up with a red rosette and the idiots will vote for it. We now have a blind pig telling our police what to do. God help us.


  4. Hey Redbarron8591 that name belongs to our rentswapping and jollying MP for Rother Valley !
    Well it did 20 years ago before he turned a very pale pink. Perhaps you deserve it more eh ? Cos he certainly doesn’t !


  5. Looking at the breakdown of the voting between Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley, it becomes clear that “Shaun the Sheep©” is more loved in Barnsley that he is here in Rotherham. He got an astounding .56.19% of the first preference votes in Barnsley, whilst here in undeserving Rotherham the poor little lamb got just 51.14%.
    (Doncaster loved him even less with only 49.04% of the votes. )

    And I’m really warming to Labour having a “clean break” strategy here in S. Yorks.


    • If that is the alternative to Cllr Look, Duck & Vanish MBE, maybe Champion might con the electorate that the cesspit that is Labour in South Yorkshire has been cleaned out.

      We know that mass expulsions would be needed for that to be the case! So there is unlikely to be real change coming to Rotherham any time soon.

      The shoehorning of Champion into the Rotherham seat, is an outrageous attempt to con enough voters for victory and then to sweep the rest of the mess under the carpet!

      Yvonne Ridley is the smart vote and bet, the odds are shortening rapidly that this will be a two horse race and that Riley will pull this off!


      • If I were able to vote in this by-election I would be voting for Yvonne Ridley,
        I have deep respect and admiration for her, she is a fine person.
        However I vote in Barron’s Rother Valley constituency so I have no vote in this by-election. ( I do keep my fingers and eyes and legs crossed in the hope that I’ll have a chance to vote in a by-election some day soon,).

        Yet I would be voting for Ms Ridley as someone I deeply admire, and I would only be voting for “Galloway’s Respect Party ” by happen chance.
        I have little to no time for George Galloway (for reasons that go back a long long way – and I do recognise that my animosity is a personal thing.)

        And yet, no matter what the result of the coming by-election is, there is still a stable that needs to be cleaned out, and as you rightly say it is going to take a long time,( and it involves us all, no matter what constituency the Electoral Commission happens to have put us in. )

        One election victory by an “untainted outsider”, can only be a start, but there has to be a start, and the sooner the better.

        After all, the state we are in didn’t occur overnight either.


  6. ‘Regular Reader’ Could you please explain to me what you see in Yvonne Ridley, Respect and what she can do for Rotherham becuase i’m missing something…

    Rothpol – Smart vote – tut tut


    • Having read many of your comments, I honestly don’t think I could;
      but I could explain to you how to put over-long links into comments so that they don’t break the system. (see your comment further down the page).


      • and…while i have a little more time…..

        i as much as anyone would rather not see a Labour winner at this By-Election, but I’ve asked multiple times for someone to tell me the positives they could bring……..and no one has yet…………I’m waiting with an open mind to be convinced…..try me


  7. Rumour is that rent swapping Barron put Champion up to standing when it became apparent over a year ago that the conduct of MacShane would result in MacShane standing down, remind me who was the Chair of that panel?
    He also made sure the NEC put her on the short list, so much for local democracy!
    Both Barron and Healey are giving her tips on how to buy London property using tax payers money, sit on it a while, sell at a profit and trouser the proceeds of the sale.
    That’s socialism in 2012.

    Any news of the planning application for the building work at the mosque?
    I can`t think for one minute that anyone connected to Labour would be that stupid to try and stop Respect from speaking at the mosque.


    • It certainly would be interesting to know how Ms Champion got onto the NEC list, and I can well imagine Barron may have talent-spotted her; but without real evidence, it’s all conjecture.

      It’s normal practise for newby candidates to have experienced MPs as minders.

      I can’t see how under the present MP Expenses regime a new MP can set up a London property scam, except just possibly if they had already owned a London property prior to their becoming an MP.
      Maybe you could explain how it’s done, I’m curious?
      Just keep reminding yourself that (according to rumours) the candidate could have been this young person: – would you want that for an MP?,


  8. A fine start for Wright.

    At the PCC count the new PCC, Wright would not shake hands with Nigel Bonson, his first words included sacking the Chief Constable and what about nicking criminals, no, not a word, it’s all about politically motivated cuts to his budget.

    Thank you Jahangier Akhtar for supporting Wright, we have lot to thank you for, including this prize clown.


  9. I think you will find it was the 74,615 people who you need to thank for getting S Wright elected. Unless u think Jahangier voted over 74 thousand times!!!!!! oh I forgot you think anyone voting Labour are thick.


    • Now we know you are really trying to extract the urine!

      Don’t you realise that is only 7%! A minuscule and derisory vote, in any one’s terms.

      Contrary to popular opinion in the ‘Lubyanka’, we are not anti-anybody. We are however, against the corrupt form of Labour in Rotherham, I know you dislike the term, but has been termed ‘Scum Labour’, by Michael Elmer.


        • I thought there would be no response to your claim of Shaun’s electoral success, but we will wait in vain for an explanation of Shaun’s lack of electoral reward even in what used to be called ‘the socialist republic’, come on, to think this is anything but disastrous, is to deny reality!


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