Respect Launch Party Today!

LAUNCH PARTY….George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley at their HEAD OFFICE BASE @ 43 Effingham Square, Rotherham S65 1AP (formerly known as Shaheen’s Shop) opposite Rotherham bus station and white taxi rank stand Saturday 16th November 2012 @ 2.00 pm.

Not to be missed, meet them raise all your concerns both for local, national and international issues then make your own decision.

George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley at 43 Effingham Square Rotherham Town Centre, S65 1AP Tonight at 7.00 pm. Not to be missed, meet them.

17 thoughts on “Respect Launch Party Today!

  1. Jahangier Akhtar in fill flow on Twitter trying to blame the Murdoch press for child abuse in Rotherham, nothing to do with RMBC that children in Rotherham were raped and abused, who side are you on Cllr Akhtar?

    The cover up continues!


  2. Was in tarn last neet supping.

    Bumped into a few of natives who said labour members were spittin blood at stitch up. Nobody knew owt about her so how the hell can they con voters?


  3. Quote from letter in today’s Advertiser(page 8): (the MP we deserve) “…can only come from outside Rotherham…a local person will be too complacent etc.” Cheek!


  4. The people of Rotherham deserve an MP who will listen to their
    concerns and serve their interests. We need integrity to restore
    faith in politics. An independent-minded MP will re-connect with
    ordinary people. The issues facing us are too complex to get bogged down in party politics or, worse still, let big business and the media set the agendas – we need to come together!
    That’s why I am standing as an independent.

    The Rev Simon Copley I presume?


      • Was in town shopping today. Noticed that respect and tusc were busy with normal working class people and retired. Labour were the toffs in suits with parachutes on back. We have far too msny from chattering classes in parliament.


  5. I find the mess appalling in your town.

    I understand all the local candidates were kept off the imposed shortlist. A shortlist of 2 is not choice. Its take it or leave it. As i read, Most members left it.

    How can the candidate meet the criteria. They can not.

    Union membership etc

    Despite the massive MP pay windfall on offer. I do feel sorry for the woman as the natioal party are just grooming and using her in this attack on party democracy. Its certainly not one of fairplay or equality.


    • Nope, but it’s welcome tae Laybah Partee politicks, and particularly the Lubyanka Version as practised by the RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns ….

      Come and live in this New Sewshalist Nirvana and you will realise just how your Laybah Partee and Trades Union subs are keeping the suits in da lap of luxury which is far beyond the reach of those muppets who pay their subs on the button and keep these Pilgrims and parasites in better circumstances than their membaz.

      Welcome tae Rovrum bruvvaz-n-siztaz 😦


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