SY PCC Elections – the fall out begins

Am very grateful to my RikiLeaks ‘snailmail’ informant for this put on Shaun Wrights Twitter feed on 12 November:

This twitpic we think, breaks election Law in a number of respects!

Study closely and remember this was posted on line a full three days before the election!

If you identify any of  the breaches in the above, please let us know in a comment.

If you have information of other offences that may have been committed prior to nomination, during the campaign and afterwards, please contact us either by emailing RikiLeaks or Rothpol, thanks

21 thoughts on “SY PCC Elections – the fall out begins

  1. How is it breaking the Law?? This was just to show people how to vote before they went to the polls! I am not 100% in how your saying it breaks the Law, that needs explaining why you think it breaks the law you have not done this??


      • Why was this not brought up 5 days ago, why now, if what has been said that the “law has been broken” why wait??

        Shaun was only showing a cross on a piece of paper, there is not case here for this and also takes more then 5 days after it was posted and then once Shaun is elected then come out with this??

        What can you do?? :S


  2. Oh my goodness, I found this link on –

    ShaunforSYPCC Shaun Wright 12 Nov
    How the PCC elections work

    How bizarre that the candidate for Police-n-Crime Commishna should publish a picture on his website showing a picture of a voting paper with his name clearly having an X alongside.

    Is this legal?

    Is this ethical?

    Could it be possible that other voting papers were secretly obtained by persons unknown and fraudulently completed in contravention of electoral and criminal law?

    Was the election result a true reflection of the voting aspirations of the people of South Yorkshire?

    How can the people of South Yorkshire, let alone Rovrum, have any faith in any with such a lack of judgement who desperately posts such an incriminating picture?

    Welcome to the old ways of the Lubyanka.


  3. Dont bother with SY Police, I and others made a complaint about the breaking of Election rules at the May 2011 Elections. After weeks of hearing nothing, the job of investigating the issue was given to a local Sgt, who was clearly overworked, working both day and night shifts, without a full compliment of staff. I am in no doubt the Sgt did his best in investigating, but dispite his efforts the “Economic unit” at Sheffield, pulled the investigation (Although they never said the people were guilty or not). But the best part was the letter that was sent to say that there would be “no further action” contained inaccurate information.( which they had to apologise for). By the way did I mention that the complaint was against Members of the LABOUR PARTY who now reside on Anston Parish Council. SY Police have no interest in investigating Election fraud.


  4. The Police should retain operational independence under the new PCCs but now there is way for politicians to lean on Chief Constables if they pay too much attention to something the politicians want kept quiet. Just depends.


    • But it “just depends” on whether active and empowered citizens will sit back and be inactive and unempowered when such a situation will undoubtably occur here in Laybah Sarf Yawkshyre.

      Please rest assured that there is a strong, active, empowered and motivated cohort of citizens who are actively fed information from deep within Laybah’s cloistered secretive ranks and Rovrum’s Lubyanka and challenge there will be, and plenty at that, and robustly delivered too 🙂


  5. It’s good to be vigilant but I think we must avoid jumping to judgement as some of these matters are finely balanced. I know a lawyer who specialises in these matters. The person is away for a couple of days but I will consult this week and see whether this really does constitute a breach of election rules and, if so, to whom it should be reported. I’ll report back of course.


    • Thank you Gillian for following up on this publically clumsy and inept desperate Laybah tactic to ensure that “The Chosen One” gets to wear the Police-n-Clown Commishna dunce hat 🙂

      I wonder whether the other political parties gave their consent to have their copyrighted logos reproduced with the customary Laybah blox on the twitter-twatter-flutter of Shaun Da Sheep?

      Once again he’s managed to grab the headlines, but yet again for all the wrong reasons. And he’s not even seven days in the job.

      The hooks, tea leafs, bent and disgraced MPs must be laughing all da way tae Da Clown Court 🙂


      • I spoke to my election lawyer friend. The view is that there is no obvious offence here. If the ballot paper is Mr Wright’s own – ie a postal vote – the lawyer doesn’t see any problem. If it’s not his own – difficult to establish – there may be an issue as he shouldn’t have access to it. However, my friend’s view is that this would not, in any event, amount to a serious breach and suggests contributors to this discussion need to differentiate between practices we might regard as unethical or ill-advised and those which are blatantly illegal.
        I realise this may not be the opinion people had hoped for but there it is.


        • Gillian, many thanks for checking out this latest piece of dumbwit Laybah tomfoolery 🙂

          It ain’t Da Sheep’s first, and I’ll bet the wife-n-kidz on it that it won’t be his last, tee hee 🙂

          I love your final statement: “practices we might regard as unethical or ill-advised and those which are blatantly illegal” 🙂

          Wonderful, marvellous, not even a week into da job of Police-n-Clown Commishna and Shaun Da Sheep can’t win a decent headline 😦

          Oh what a wise choice (NOT) da Laybah cannun fodda made when they put their “X” against this shambolic public representative, tee hee 🙂


  6. Looking closely at the picture, the bottom of the voting paper appears to have been cut off removing any part which identifies who the paper was allocated to. There is usually something to identify who cast the vote to enable a check against fraud. Something is obviously underhand here and there should be a demand that the police investigate and quick.


  7. If anyone is expecting the Electoral Commission, the SY Police Elections Team or Rotherham Council’s Monitoring Officer to do their jobs and deal with this in accordance with the law – forget it!
    The last thing any of that crew would want, is for them to have do their jobs, for which they are paid grossly high salaries for what is nothing more than box ticking and paper shuffling.


  8. If you wish to make a complaint regarding Elections:-
    Economic Crime Unit
    C/O Specialist Crime Services
    Police HQ
    Snig Hill
    Sheffield S3 8LY
    (0114) 2963586

    It seems that Trambuster has had the same Excellent Service.


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