Rotherham By-Election – Countdown Begins

It is only a short time since Denis MacShane fell on his sword after being unmasked as a ‘crook’, by no less a figure than Kevin Barron. Kevin Barron has himself, been exposed just this week in Channel 4 Dispatches programme as a ‘rent swapper’, renting John Trickett’s flat until, he was caught out, that is! Kevin Barron reportedly ‘groomed’ Sarah to take Denis MacShane’s Rotherham seat, probably one insult too many for Denis, one might imagine? Is this really anything other than a circle of deceit, we hear you ask?

The Labour campaign, still weighed down by it’s own internal problems, is resorting to the kind of ‘dirty tricks’, that inspired Michael Elmer to term the type of pernicious behaviour previously witnessed in Rotherham, as ‘scum labour’! If the cap fits?

The other major problem that labour face is their candidate, the 13 votes, prize chump! Devoid of political experience or trades union activity, she is quite possibly the worst candidate, labour has ever fielded at a by-election, ever! Keir Hardy must be spinning in his grave. In short , she knows owt, about nowt!

Labour also has a problem with there own internal ‘dirty tricks department’, their own disaffected members intent on settling scores! RikiLeaks inbox has seldom been busier, the fruits of which will become apparent before long. Others seem to be taking advantage of our comments to reveal embarrassing facts about fellow members. The following example, is unlikely to be the last, we hear!

The first such example, concerns Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader RMBC and amongst many other things, is also Vice Chair (As of today, 23rd Nov. See comments) of the newly constituted SY Police & Crime Panel, a significant role in itself, requiring the utmost probity and discretion! His suitability for this role, has today been brought into question, with the revelation of his conviction at Hull Crown Court for affray! Councillor joined drunken brawl. Guardian.

This conviction would have disqualified him for the role of PCC and should have made him unsuitable as a member of the Police & Crime Panel, never mind it’s Vice Chair. Last sentence, from private communications.

It is unremittingly bad news for labour today, Rothpol understands that the campaigns of some of the eleven candidates seem to have a bit of enthusiasm about them and are making some headway, including the Rev Copley, standing as an independent ‘anti-sleaze’ candidate and most surprisingly the earnest young Conservative, Simon Wilson.

Really have to take my hat off to the Ridley campaign, though. Love them or loath them, Respect really know how to liven things up! If elections were won by the best campaign? Ridley. would walk it! There is undoubtedly a feeling of momentum about this campaign. This is obviously real and they exude an inner confidence in their alternative vision.

Some have pointed out to me this is a by-election, I know that’s the obvious bit, but it also means with a General Election in 2015, this is an opportunity for voters to let the Labour Party know they will no longer be taken for granted and need much change in Rotherham from them, before perhaps placing their trust in them again with a far better candidate, Burgon, for example. Until then, labour can forget it! they are telling me.

For those of you interested in such things, Yvonne Ridley’s odds have fallen sharply! Do the bookies know something the voters have yet to reveal?

Quote of the day: “Rotherham needs Respect!” Sarah Champion labour candidate.

13 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – Countdown Begins

  1. A small point of accuracy. Jahangir Akhtar was the Interim Chair of the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel but was today selected as it’s Deputy Chair as the first full meeting. Harry Harpham from Sheffield CC is Chair.


  2. Thanks for the comment Rothpol – I am enjoying this campaign immensely! Advertiser said I was a Methodist (let them off) and it was my great-grandfather who was one of the original Independent Labour Party founders – he knew Keir Hardie and they are probably spinning in their graves together. I feel about Labour the same as I feel about the BBC – love them but DO wish they’d get their act together…


  3. can this blog get anymore anti-labour, rothpol, honestly what is your cause.
    i know it’s not a perfect party but this is a one sided blog, that’s why it attracts all the mad raving sort


    • This blog is not anti-labour! If labour has grubby little secrets, Rothpol has a duty to publish them.
      As for being mad, we all are, but it is inside Labour where the real loonies lie.


    • You’re here to put your side – nobody banned as far as i’m aware – perhaps spread the message amongst you pro Labor friends – that would make the debate interesting 🙂


    • Even if it was an ‘anyone but Laboir’ blog – its clear to see not everyone on here supports the same opposition – what does that tell you?

      Labour isn’t working? 🙂


    • How dare you ,Mad raving sort ,from what i am reading on hear its a breath of fresh air,away from all that polluted air that surrounds rmbc and its labour party.Theres no wonder you are anonymous is there.This is called freedom of speech ,something i,d suggest you would like to be swept under the carpet.


  4. From Yvonne Ridleys Twitter page

    Amazing day – Labour candidate told BBC people of #Rotherham needed #Respect but disgraceful scenes by foul-mouthed Labour councillor 1/2 27 minutes ago

    Who was the Cllr?


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