Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

Breaking News coming in, of an astonishing outbreak of intemperance from labour!

Imagine the scene today, outside College Road Mosque, Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Jahangir Akhtar in the company of  Lord Nazir Ahmed, Maria Eagle MP and their candidate, the hapless Sarah Champion.

Respect members were leafleting along with supporters of other parties.

Jahangir Akhtar then aggressively approached the little group of Respect supporters, demanding to know why they were there stating:

“it’s disgusting, no good Muslim would disturb here.”

Despite the fact that, everyone was legally and legitimately there, being explained to him by one of those present, Akhtar launched into the following tirade of invective:

“who the fuck are you?
I was talking to him!
You shut the fuck up!
I know of your dirty tricks,
in Bradford elections”

A Respect member, queried his behaviour, asking if it was appropriate for the Deputy Leader of the Council to behave in such manner, especially outside a place of worship to which he replied “I’m not here representing the council!”

At this point, he was ushered away by his colleagues, including Lord Ahmed.

Those who were treated so abominably by Labour’s Deputy Leader? Ridley’s Election Agent accompanied by Respect’s solicitor. Not the smartest move, I would have thought?

Update: During yesterday afternoon and evening, after realising his disastrous error Akhtar tried to mount a fightback. He started suggesting that it was the religious insult, that had provoked him, pity he couldn’t find more than two of his relatives to participate. No support then?

This tweet is typical:

For the recored (sic) their were over 300 people who witnessed the disgusting behaviour of the Respect candidate outside the Mosque #jumaprayers

After investigation, I can report that there is no truth in Akhtar’s statements. Akhtar’s ‘witnesses’ were all inside the Mosque, including Akhtar and in fact actually witnessed nothing!

Anyway his own insulting behaviour, was far more disrespectful. Nothing could justify this public outburst of filth!

Bringing the Labour Party into disrepute appears to have become the norm in Rotherham and especially so in Akhtar’s case!

25 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

  1. “Those who were treated so abominably by Labour’s Deputy Leader? Ridley’s Election Agent accompanied by Respect’s solicitor.”

    .. and Lord Nazir Ahmed, Maria Eagle MP and Sarah Champion must have been mortified at such
    shameful behaviour.


      • Thats just the language you now hear more and more from the labour scum in rotherham.Time as come for the people of rotherham to show these bully boys the door and the road out of town.They have brought great shame on this once great town,a town and it,people that deserve alot more than there getting


  2. Time that labour expelled the thug.

    Wud the groomers of new labours candidate like to comment or defend aktars conduct. Over to you
    Kevin expenses cheat Barron and Mr healey mp.

    Silence is deafening!

    Wheres Ed gone…..balls up.


  3. Fab support by public for Respect and its battle bus.

    Labour in disarray. Own members embarrased at stitch up by nat party and cllr misconduct.

    Seen labour supporters working for both respect and tusc.

    Now adoptiongate.
    No wonder labour tell locals to vote for Respect


  4. Been told labour will not tolerate akhtars unacceptable conduct. He faces suspennsion or expulsion.

    Rmbc officers have been tasked to find him employment. In a poll of locals the favourites by public are re as tv thug, sparing partner, pantomine or circus.

    He was last seen disconsulate with a grapefruit and bag.


  5. What to the the people of rotherham expect to get back. They voted aktar into power when he was a two bit taxi driver. Beats me how he got so far up the ladder within the council. Maybe I could blag my way to becoming a brain surgeon.


  6. Those foster parents whose children were taken away for political reasons – have they yet received an apology – what about that so-called “urgent” investigation? Is that likely to have any effect on the Rotherham by-election? roypenJust curious.


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  8. Its not justr Rotherham or Politicians in Parliament (Both LORDS and Commons) but the whole of the capitalist system-almost every company that is corrupt and bullying is what underpins their stratregy for controlling workers. We can only have a proper democracy when all major groups that have clear and high morals for the greater good are protected by law. What has happened across each society that once claimed to be a democracy is that the unions (the only major organisation that challenges the corrupt bullying and greedy capitalist enterprise either the owners or the bosses of these businesses)were and are able to ensure fair play in industriual relations, have continuously being hamnmered by laws that ensure that the boss class can carry on their bullying and corupt ways In almost every workplace -whether it be private or public. Bullying is widespread and it is the biggest bullies that get on.
    So its rife that are society is the opposite of what it claims -which is it is undemocratic rather than democrtaic either at the work place -in the community or in politics per se. They all get up to dirty tricks. So do not just investigate your claims about Akhtar but the wider council leadership across all working environments in politics, across the country -if not the world. And i believe much worse is the private sector -who the capitalist media do not report and in fact protect to quite a
    large degree because the media owners as we have recently seen -the great distorters of the truth and really the news is really the owners or selected editors who are chosen because their conservative views are the points of views the owners want expresses in their daily biased rags. Also most of these views are anti certain greoups in societysuch as trade unionists -gays-women and certainly any radical left wing group that are actually in exitence to identify the sheer corruption that most cpaitalist businesses take-which is to contriol their worhfiorce-control the government and to pay as little taxes and wages to their hard working workforce or the host government. They are parasites in their pursuit of greed and exploitation of their host anaimal and we all suffer for their obsessive greed and anti humane actions.
    Only the real socialist and left that have an honest record of raising awareness about the evils of this capitalist system (and though certain fractions of undemocratic behaviour do emerge -which the true left-challenge because unlike most other sectors of society we are for justice -freedom under the law – and equality(though with a clear responsibility to seek to do good-like the certain sections of certain religions use to claim and to be for).

    So we have to get rid of capitalism which promotes and allows the rise of fascism and corrupt bullies and sadly the Labour Party nationally and locally should never have gotten into bed with the corrupt multi nationals or even the many small business criminal capitalists types, who seek to avoid paying tax and also who are the rotten apples in our humane barrel and get rid of this corrupt and evil system once and for all


    • Interesting post-except for a fatal flaw.
      Can you tell me of one successful Socialist economy which meets your criteria?
      ‘Successful’ as in full employment/low taxes/free and modern healthcare/thriving manufacturing industries/ global export market/healthy GDP and a positive trade balance.
      Nirvana comes to mind.


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