Rotherham By-Election – Sunday Roundup!

A week ago the Rotherham by-election looked set for a routine, if unspectacular, labour victory. A week can be a truly long time in politics and none more so, than this last week for labour.

There is a major link between Joyce Thacker and Sarah Champion, labour’s by-election candidate. Common Purpose! Joyce Thacker follows their principles, that have got Rotherham in such hot water, and Sarah Champion is a graduate of Common Purpose!

Tomorrow will, no doubt, reveal the full extent of embarrassment over the UKIP foster carer story, this from the Daily Mail, typical of the current crop of stories in the ‘dead tree press’ and probably more of the same treatment in Mondays editions.

UKIP and Respect supporters, very visible today, continuing their campaigns with renewed vigour and purpose. No reports of others out campaigning today, if you have them please send them in! Email Rothpol.

Latest report: TUSC Candidate Ralph Dyson and over 20 supporters canvassed all over the town today, going door to door in groups in Canklow and several other areas of the Boston Castle ward. A motorcade was also driving around town urging people to vote for Ralph!

The TUSC are holding a pre election rally at the Unity Centre tomorrow at 7pm. Candidate  Ralph Dyson, Dave Nellist, a former Workers MP on a Workers Wage, and Michael Lavalette, Preston socialist councillor are speaking.

Last week, Rotherham Politics, was viewed more times than MacShane got votes in 1994, can report our hit counter indicates that the 2010 vote, has been exceeded this week!

17 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – Sunday Roundup!

  1. I am baffled and bemused by a BBC discussion on the Sunday Politics Show today that featured only six out of 11 candidates. The discussion featured candidates from the three main parties, UKIP, BNP and Respect. None of the three Independents or the Trades Union and Socialist Coalition candidate featured although they were mentioned at the end of the programme. The English Democrats candidate did feature separately in a short piece to camera.

    In the wake of the Police Commissioner elections, where the very low turnout was blamed directly on the lack of information given to voters, this approach is frustrating. Are the BBC pre-empting the outcome of this by-election. Do they know better than the Rotherham electorate, what and who they might want to hear? As a public broadcaster they should be giving all candidates a fair hearing in any case. Even if we accept that a studio debate with 11 candidates would be hard to manage, on what basis were the six parties involved given this platform? In the last General Election an Independent came 5th ahead of UKIP and the Police Commissioner elections showed that Independents are a viable choice for the people of Rotherham. Respect did not even field a candidate at that Election. As one of only two candidates living in Rotherham Borough I am particularly disappointed to be overlooked by the part of the show dedicated specifically to local issues.

    I have already been invited to feature in a BBC Radio Sheffield phone debate being recorded on Monday 26th so inability to contact me could not have been a factor. Unfortunately, I have been informed that “the main parties” will be given more attention in that debate also. The BBC should redress the balance by giving more air time to the five candidates who were not represented in the Sunday Politics Show or else give them each a slot on BBC Look North this week. I have not consulted the other four candidates but I am sure they are as bemused as I am. I may disagree with them on political issues but we may agree that this is an unfortunate editorial approach by the BBC.


  2. My “Common Purpose” is to challenge, scrutinise, question, query and hold to account at each and every opportunity the Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, and their associated khaki-tongued Klingonz who junket for England on taxpayers’ bucks 🙂

    Praise to the Heavens for the Freedom of Information Act, and the internet which is the working man and womans’ force-multiplier and has enabled active and empowered citizens to challenge these bloated civic freeloaders, Pilgrims and leeches and expose them for the slimy creatures they are, and for us to share information and ideas across the globe with each other with the flick of a finger 🙂


  3. Anyone seen cllr akhtar.

    After his very colourful past
    We need him to assist us with ourr enquiries.

    Breach of peace
    Thuggish conduct

    We can not turn another blind eye to the above.


    • Busy doing my cv for deputy vacancy

      Cllr akhtar is in hiding from labor party managers.
      To avoid more damage. He faces being expelled.

      He has been ostracised by all his hangers on.
      Latest is Gold star taxis have rejected his bid to be a driver again.


      • Is the rumour true then.
        Healeys latest grooming wannabeeeee is emma for deputy.

        At least she will paper over the cracks and put healey gloss on it.

        As for dealing with the rot. Pass


  4. I am deeply concerned that one of the casualties of this weekend has been the issue of the child sex grooming scandal. One or two people must be breathing a sigh of relief I imagine. How do those young girls, who were so badly let down, feel I wonder? What about the girls who never did report and now probably never will. What about the problems that their appalling abuse will lead to in the future as they struggle to come to terms not only with their abuse by the gangs who groomed them but the abuse of those who subsequently failed to help them. Shame on the media, shame on the council, shame on any of us who forget this issue as the By-Election circus utilises any new political football to advance their Party in a deeply damaged community. Again, I speak as an angry mother not as a political party representative.


  5. I’ve got a minor scoop for you, Rothpol types. Nothing too amazing but it deserves to be brought to wider attention locally. I’ve been reading tweets from the twitter account of labour party campaign workers who have been seconded up north due to the local party refusing to campaign, here are some extracts

    “Just blasted the #Rotherham Respect office with Things can only get better with @simonevans117 @becca_j_m @joegaytten and @TyronWilson”

    Yeah that’s right Danny came all the way from surburban London to drive by the Respect offices with his car speakers.

    “Simon Evans
    This northern rail train has got to be the shitiest, crapiest train I’ve ever been on! We would never settle for this in the South East'”

    Then stay in Portsmouth then Simon if you hate the north so much!

    @Pete_Allison Look, it’s you if they made an E-FIT out of you aged 14 (links to )

    @Pete_Allison ’14 year old on the run after getting out of her dreams and into her car without consent’

    would any sensible person Jokes about a sexual assault on teenage girls if they were campaigning in Rotherham?


  6. Vonny while ever I draw breath I will not let the crimes of child abuse be covered up in Rotherham, Andrew Norfolk is at the select committee next week, should be worth watching.

    Interesting Cllr Jahangier Akhtar knocks the Murdoch press, however the Times has been raising the issue of grooming for over a year, this from 2011.

    Following Barnardo’s Cut them free campaign, the Government has today announced details of their national action plan to tackle child sexual exploitation in England. Thanks to everyone who has signed our online petition calling for action to deal with this abuse.
    The action plan will be launched at an event today hosted by Barnardo’s and The Times newspaper, which has been campaigning alongside us to raise awareness of the issue. Barnardo’s President, HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, will also attend.

    Joyce Thacker needs to stop calling the victims young women, they are children, fingers crossed she will be gone by the end of the week along with Cllr Lakin.


  7. Great blog this. Only here ‘cus of the UKIP scandal, but good to see people getting so involved in the truth of local politics. BTW, I see the name Dave Nellist mentioned above – met him years back during the Glorious Poll Tax Insurrection. Totally opposed to his politics, but impressed me then as being one of maybe half a dozen honest men in Westminster.


    • Thanks for your comment and for dropping by.
      We both also remember Dave Nellist in Rothpol’s household, and collaborated at the many Union conferences where our paths crossed in the past. We both admired him then, with the same caveats you make. Try and make it tomorrow.

      What another Trades Union and Labour Party stalwart, Jim Mortimer, would make of Rotherham’s entirely self inflicted wounds, heaven only knows? Happy days!


  8. I have been informed from friends in Bradford that the Labour Party in Rotherham are seeking advise from Sa’id Omar Muhammad who got thrown out of the Respect party there because he assaulted anti-rape protesters in town and claimed their former leader Salma Yaqoob wears a hijab as a fashion statement?!?


  9. Watched telly today.
    John healey was making excuses about latest shame. His arse must be full of splinters.

    As for candidates. Ukip and bnp only knew about blaming foreiners as usual.

    Labour woman was pathetic too. My mates know more than her. Opportunist donkey.

    Mrs ridley was great. She had ideas, passion, commitment. She explained and supported
    Miners, working class people and how the disabled treated. Labour created atca.


  10. I saw the television as well only Ridley Knew the real reason for the unemployment figures in Rotherham. Made a change to hear some one not blaming the unemployed for being unemployed. The program also showed a father of a grooming victim, was interesting watching the candidates tap dance and make excuses.
    Dave Smith


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