Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition

Breaking News:

Labour has pulled their candidate from tonight’s hustings event, broadcast and organised by Radio Sheffield! Bottling it! Never looks pretty! Source BBC.

Latest announcement: Sarah Champion has pulled out of the Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York stadium not because of the Foster Parent issue but the time would be better spend on valuable canvassing =of course it is Sarah. No open and transparent report from Council yet -no bets that that will be released after the election.

Initial reports indicate that after, running away from a microphone, much jocularity was the order of the day for those present! Sarah the Chump, indeed! Since when did any serious politician run away from a handy microphone? Well she’s no politician, is she! Her advice must have come from Cllr Look, Duck and Vanish MBE, he’s good at making himself scarce.

Labour has reached the unenviable position of actually losing Rotherham on Thursday. Their dirty tricks department is involved and there is a pretty good chance that even if the labour party should manage to scrape a victory, the Elections Court beckons. Phil Woolas, anyone?

Labour shouldn’t worry too much, Harriet Harman is on her way, leading the cavalry!

We can reveal that the Trades Unions; CWU, GMB, Unite and Unison are hopping mad about Sarah Champion’s selection, hardly ‘working class’ is she? No full timers working, perhaps that’s why? Who did Len McCluskey and Co want? Richard Burgon, the outstanding candidate on the long-list, that failed to make it to labour’s short-list. Wonder why not?

For those on the left, TUSC are holding a pre election rally at the Unity Centre tonight at 7pm. Candidate  Ralph Dyson, Dave Nellist, a former Workers MP on a Workers Wage, and Michael Lavalette, Preston socialist councillor are speaking.

Labour campaigning now reported to be counter productive! All that labours party workers are now doing is to serve to highlight Rotherham Labour Parties special problems!

News is just coming in of a very interesting campaign tactic from labour!

Canvassers covering Broom, in Councillor Mahroof Hussain’s ward are mystified by the reaction of some voters in this once Labour stronghold.

“Some say they are under the assumption that because he is canvassing he must be standing as MP.”

“They think they’re voting for Mahroof and when you tell them this is not the case they are mystified”

Turns out that Mahroof must be in denial? He is letting constituents believe, they will be able to vote for him on Thursday! Conning constituents, is what the labour seems to specialise in, but need it be quite so blatant!

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29 Responses to Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition

  1. phil spencer says:

    Signs of labour Party giving up,
    how shameful after dennis mcshame,
    shame after shame
    However labour has NO SHAME
    If they had, it would be a local candidate standing in rotherham
    ukip fiasco is ridicolous,
    losing locally and nationally
    labour knows it is in danger of losing, you will need a big dose of luck on your side this time
    rotherham demands RESPECT!

  2. John says:

    This incompetence has no end. If Labour win, it will leave a bitter taste. I have no grind against Sarah Champion, but the way the arrogant labour party has imposed her on us, is an insult to the good people of Rotherham.

  3. exlabour158 says:

    What goes round comes round ,thank you Kev, Dennis and last but not least Sarah,if the people of Rotherham fall for this one,they really do need there heads looking at.It will be nice to see all the labour party cllrs on parade in Rotherham,bowing and cowtailing cos they HAVE TO.OR ELSE

  4. cliftonbird says:

    Latest announcement that Sarah Champion has pulled out of the Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York stadium not because of the Foster Parent issue but the time would be better spend on valuable canvassing =of course it is Sarah. No open and transparent report from Council yet -no bets that that wil be released after the election

    • graldhunter says:

      as we used to say at Kimmy Infants Skoyl “she’s yitten” … bet that’s why she’s done a Lucan … no such reluctance to pose with our new Police-n-Clown Commishna and Lordy Wot-siz-Name over a junket at the weekend, tee hee 🙂 –

      Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
      Great event @orientexpress tday hostd by Abdul / Ishfaq in honour of Shaun Wright. Great support @sarah4rotherham

  5. stag says:

    Theyve pulled her out cos a blindman can see she knows nowt bout the party or policies

    They cant be seen to pull the strings tonight.

    Whos to blame.
    Yes the national party who dumped her on us.

    At least shes a rich lass

  6. firtleberry says:

    Seems strange that they should pull her after her television appearance yesterday.
    Dave Smith

  7. graldhunter says:

    Does anyone know if this 1950s TV theme has been adopted by da Rovrum Laybah candidate for her theme around tarn? –

  8. Anonymous says:

    When did Labour, or any Party for that matter, knock on doors in the dark and rain? Do they have no consideration for elderly residents who will not want to open the door to strangers at night?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hang on a second are you calling Mahroof some sort of con or fraud and implying that he is deceiving voters??? If so I would be careful as that may be boarder line defamatory. If he is campaigning for Labour how is he to blame if people think he is standing as the candidate? Surely it is those people who think he the candidate as not fully clued up not Mahroof. While there is plenty wrong with the Labour Party some of the stuff posted on here is utter rubbish.

    • rothpol says:

      Borderline? Difficult taking legal advice from someone who can’t even spell it!

      • Anonymous says:

        Spelling error aside you have failed to acknowledge the main point I made. What you are saying about Labour and Mahroof are complete LIES. It is respect supporters who are tweeting about this and you have picked up on this. Let me make it crystal clear that neither Mahroof nor The Labour Party have told the voters of Bostan Castle to vote for Labour because Mahroof is the candidate. This sort of rubbish is systematic of the lies spread by Respect during this campaign. I urge you to remove the comments because what you are in essence doing is alleging that Mahroof and the Labour Party are trying to deceive and fraud voters into voting for Labour. As this is complete and utter rubbish it is highly defamatory.

        As I said the Labour Party are far from perfect but its funny how this is the first campaign Respect have fought in Rotherham and the first time ever allegation of “dirty tricks” have been made. How is it that there are issues of dirty tricks in campaigns involving Respect? It not just a coincidence. 2005 in Tower Hamlets it was dont vote for Oona King because she is of Jewish background, in Bradford West it was “only God knows who is a Muslims and who is not a Muslim” and the same in Rotherham. Funny how all the people accused of wrong doing by Respect of wrong doing are members of an ethnic minority!!

      • Don’t worry – we are correcting them and doing the job that Labour canvassers should have done on the doorstep. People are now quite clear about who and what they are voting for … and it’s unlikely to be the Runaway Politician

      • Touché Rik
        Well done

        Posted other in wrong reply.

    • graldhunter says:

      “While there is plenty wrong with the Labour Party” …

      I’m all eyes n ears dear friend, please start your long long list of Rovrum Laybah wrongs with your next post, purleez, let’s be knowing now, don’t keep it to yourself and the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns …

      Let’s pass the gen around da tarn 🙂

    • A regular reader says:

      “… some of the stuff posted on here is utter rubbish.”
      Having just read what you wrote, I have to agree.

    • cliftonbird says:

      too true about the rubbish anonymous and you should know since most of it comes from you

  10. After 13votes performance on bbcsp I’m not surprised they have pulled her out. It was toe curlingly poor. A Tory Blair smile won’t win her the seat. Barron has done her a disservice, and thrown her to the political wolves. Someone without political nounce and without political experience should never have aspired to become an MP. I can only assume she is either extremely arrogant or extremely naive, whichever it is Rotherham people deserve better.

    • A regular reader says:

      I go for extremely misguided and naive, or maybe just gullible.
      It must be hard for her now – she is a no win situation.

      – If, as is increasingly unlikely, she wins the election, she will be torn apart in Westminster.
      – If she loses, she will be shunned as the person who lost “safe” Rotherham for Labour.

      Ambition without ability is the homeland of fools.

      But I would think that Mad Nad Dorris will want her to win, just so that she can share some of the derision Mad Nad will get the next time she turns up in the House of Commons

  11. Ashlee Ryan says:

    Respect are out there giving the people what they deserve, RESPECT

    • David says:

      Respect can only be earned in this context. The more it is used in the political party sense it sullies and euphemises the word.

  12. rotherhamisbest says:

    its really quite comical how lunatic progressive thinker jackboot nazi commie loons behave. they have 100%belief that THEY are correct, THEY must do what they think is right….and to hell with the collateral damage of breaking up a family home.due process doesnt apply. my old man was in the labour party and went to meetings and was a moral a man as you could meet. before he died he told me a few things.
    1. whenever he tried to get anything on the agenda to try and do some good such as a handrail for a disabled bloke, the labour party would just close ranks and shut him up even though there was a budget surplus at the end of the year. it took him months of pestering and “any other business” interuptions to get his way, and then his cards were marked…in the end he gave it up as a bad job…now i know why after nazi thackers power trip.
    2. private banks were actually running and ruining the country for their own gain. how wise was he?
    3. britain no longer ruled itself and he had a very strong suspicion of the EU and its motives.
    4. in 1997 when labour got in he was overjoyed and almost in tears of joy, just b4 he died he was disgusted at what labour had done to this country. the debt, the total screwing over of the young, the lying career politicians.
    make no mistake…..we are heading for the EU-SSR. its clear that they wont be stopped and are hell bent on ramming this EU federal europe down our throats, again nomatter the collateral damage as they know best right?=WRONG. events have taken a turn over the last few weeks and i honestly think that if UKIP makes a breakthrough in this once labour stronghold it will open the floodgates.
    so for the sake of my old man dont vote liebor, what have you got to lose? this country is going from a nation to a province of a top down, beaurocratic, authoritarian regime. the council still havnt made an apology and have taken their parachuted in candidate out of the firing line…i bet the RAF wing commander is laughing in her Harrier(if we had any left)
    ppl of rotherham, u know what to do. it doesnt involve sticking in a labour puppet

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  15. I bet people coming home for their tea after a day’s work were delighted to see their “Champion” on the doorstep. But I have seen surprisingly little tweeting etc re the radio debate. Is it because the Independent and little party Davids absolutely caned the Party Goliaths (including Respect’s candidate) in the discussion? Sorry to say it but Yvonne Ridley came over as a bit of a lightweight spouting platitudes about solidarity rather than solid policies and turning a serious discussion about the economic woes of Rotherham into a chance to score points against the EDL (who are an irrelevance to this campaign). Hope she performs better when she is the MP…

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