Rotherham By-Election – Tuesday’s Campaign News

Rotherham labour’s hand picked candidate, has been abandoned by her Svengali and promoter in chief, one Kevin Barron the member for Rother Valley! Barron’s constituency office reports, Kevin will not be back now, “for several weeks.”

That was quick, just had Kevin’s office on the line, stating that they do not believe the above to be entirely accurate. Waiting for email, ‘clarification’, bring it to readers once received. Glad for confirmation that labour reads our blog.

Labour clarification:

“It seems that there has been some confusion over Kevin’s movements this week which I would like to clarify.  Kevin is currently in parliament but will return to his constituency tomorrow to help with the Rotherham  by-election.  He will then go back to London on Monday to resume his parliamentary duties.  His next surgery is in Dinnington on Saturday 8th December.

Once again apologies for any confusion and I would be grateful if you could let me know who misunderstood Kevin’s diary movements so we can personally apologise.”

Yours sincerely
K M Edwards
The Office of K J Barron MP

Hope Kevin hasn’t had to change his plans?

Don’t know where labour’s advice came from, to withdraw their candidate from the recording made at New York Stadium last night, but it has done untold damage to the credibility of labour and their candidate. If they can’t even trust her in front of a microphone, why on earth should we?

Understand, that the quite awful Marlene Guest, the BNP candidate claimed, UKIP and the BNP were as one in Rotherham! Told the UKIP candidate, didn’t bat an eyelid at this claim from Marlene Guest.

Interesting to Rothpol, is the strange tale, told on the doorstep umpteen times, that Sarah Champion has converted to Islam! Perhaps Sarah might like to confirm, or deny this, for the benefit of her own canvassers, who seem to have it wrong!

Rothpol is happy to receive your campaign news, views and anecdotes, either as comments or by email. Rothpol.

30 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – Tuesday’s Campaign News

  1. Suppose if barron as headboy of MPs standards comm is deposed for fiddling his exes. Chump 13 votes can be put up to lose that. As shes such a great candidate. NOT.

    Could it be a new labour plot to neater our friends in the north policy.
    Cud then realign with liberal alliance?


  2. Approached by a labour supporter today,

    I asked him about the deputy leader of Rotherham council Jahangir Akhtar losing his rag and swearing at Respect activists, MacShame stealing from the public and not in prison, Mahroof Hussain asking Asian voters to vote for him when Sarah Chumpion is standing (100% illegal) , the council cover up of the grooming scandal, the council cover up of MacShame stealing, the council shambles on the ukip foster parents, the selection walk out, the circulation of text messages with lies about the Respect party sourced from Said Omar Mohammed (thrown out of Bradford Respect for bullying women who wear hijabs) and why Labour have told Sarah Chumpion to stay out of public debates???

    …..Judging by the look on his face I don’t think he will be voting for labour on Thursday either


    • Thsnks for above info.

      We will distribute with our Tusc stuff tomorrow.
      Loads of workers and trsde unionists from all over uk going to hsve big push 2nite and tomorrow. Working people been shafted too long by money grabbing MP fiddles.

      Had labour members helping us.


  3. Didn’t I hear, that the teflon coated John Healey, is the Chump’s minder?

    Is that the same MP that gets a mate to employ his wife, so he doesn’t have to?


  4. Your take on the statement of Marlene guest and Jane Collins reaction does not compare with my witnessing the event. When each candidate was asked ‘ what candidate would you vote for other than your own party?’ There was quite a lot of humorous response. MG said that UKIP was the nearest to her party. This is her view and NOT the view of Jane Collins or UKIP


    • Didn’t claim it was her opinion, but her lack of reaction, that was being reported upon.
      The inability to deal with this speaks volumes as to UKIP’s candidate’s suitability to represent the people of Rotherham?


    • Then why didn’t Ms C stand up and say summat then?

      We need a strong MP not a ‘I don’t agree with you but daren’t say owt to you’ woman. That sort of person will be used by councillors, town hall officials, and joyce thacker child snatcher lot. If she couldn’t stand up for her ideals in front of one woman, how’s she going to stand up for us in parliament infront of CONDEMs in suits? If that’s how strong n credible she is, SHE ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR ROTHERHAM.


  5. John Wilkinson I presume? UKIP’s Rotherham Secretary. Famous for his climate change denying and of course everything EU is necessarily bad? How do you explain the outrageous electoral pact in Rotherham with the BNP in May?


    • As for the BNP, why vote for a warped cocktail of anti-Semitic socialism? If we have a candidate for every ward, we stand in every ward. If we don’t have a full slate we devote our time and resources to where we feel we can get the best return. It is of no interest to us which other parties are or are not standing in Rotherham. My own view is don’t waste a vote on anti-Semitic socialism, but my primary interest is to advance UKIP. If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you stand against the BNP? Why not ask the Lib Dems, Independents and Socialists to stand more candidates against the BNP as well?


    • Very few people “deny” climate change – it’s a natural process. Global warming caused by human behaviour is the big scam – there’s been no sign of warming over the past ten years. The whole thing should be a question of science, not tribal warfare. To say “the science is settled” is itself unscientific.


  6. I hadn’t heard the 13vote-Sarah had converted to Islam one, but I heard from a climber friend that there was a “to raise her profile after the vote, she is going to go on a sponsored climb up Everest” one spreading round some parts of the Peak District at the weekend.

    Hard to see what she will do after Thursday. I think she probably did a pretty good job at Bluebell.


    • Would vote tusc but Will be voting respect to spank labour.

      Insulted own party and our town

      Last nite was last straw. Lads at work think labour r a joke.


    • The last encounter I had with the trades union movement they were sat on the managers’ side of the table. It had been some time since I had had any experience of them. They were no better than the bosses they sat with on that occasion. Long dead is the association of fairness and socialism that was old labour. Anyone who claims socialism as a panacea has done no historical research. It is a utopian mirage sailed towards on a sea of blood.


    There has been stronh speculation that the deputy leader cllr akthar is facing suspension. Pending investigatio, he may be expelled.
    Mr akhtar rose to prominance as a taxi driver. A few years ago he was involved in serious affray. He was given an ASBO. He has put the qialification to good use to become vice chair of PCC.

    The reports are unconfirmed.

    The sun is in the town and listening out for further news.


  8. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the last week.

    However, I’m saddened to read this comment:
    “Understand, that the quite awful Marlene Guest, the BNP candidate”
    Now for the record and not that I should have to say this, I’m not/never have been a membe rof the BNP or voted for them. I’m more of a Tory/UKIP voter, and sometimes vote for an independent candidate.

    I’m really fed up with the tarring of people who don’t fit the LibLabCon MSM view of people. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Marlene Guest campaign to uncover Muslim grooming many years ago, whilst the media and mainstream aprties were denying that it was happening?


  9. Why aren’t Respect and TUSC working together to rout Labour. The left should be working together not fragmenting in these sick and odious times.


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