Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

Rotherham Politics can report, Mondays TUSC pre election rally was well attended and supported.

The message was clear the condem cuts in this area are devastating local jobs and services not to mention peoples lives.

Meanwhile the labour party are falling the people of Rotherham with the current ukip scandal alongside 2 local MP’s seemingly fiddling their expenses, after the emergence of Kevin Baron’s second home scandal, and a candidate the local party don’t even want!

Not to mention deputy leader of the borough council mr Akhtar’s foul mouthed tirade at a respect supporter.

The TUSC call for a stop to all the cuts with almost 2000 more emergency and public service jobs to go in the area. The people of Rotherham need an alternative and the TUSC can be the solution for the hard pressed people of Rotherham.

3 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

  1. I know Ralph, he’s a decent bloke. Don’t think TUSC can win, but well worth a protest vote and I’d like him to keep his deposit and be proud of the effort he’s putting in on behalf of the people of Rotherham… Or maybe give it to Simon Copley and get in God’s good books in the run up to Christmas… Or to that other independent bloke, but not the racist one of course… Or just stay home like everyone else cos you’re sick of the whole thing… Actually, vote Ralph, he’s a decent bloke… Yeah, do that… Or not… It’s up to you really. What do I know? In fact perhaps I should give that Labour woman a go, she seems nice. She was polite to the point of silence at that hustings last night.


  2. It was a disgrace that labour did not show up for radio. Showed contempt for us members now towards voters/listeners. Professional campaigners eh. Most ordinary members of labour do support the policies and views of tusc and tespect.
    They embarassed at us being tory lite. Trying to justify policies like tuition fees, austerity and rest.
    Its no wonder wen we saddled with right wingers and people like bluebell we get as MPs. Never toiled at work like us plebs.
    Yes vote with your conscience.


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