Reflections on a disaster!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

On last night’s national BBC TV news I watched the report from Rovrum on the developing story of the foster parents who incurred the wrath of the PC Stasis Lubyanka Brigade by daring to be UKIP members …

The news showed a flabby, grey-haired, corpulent, elderly-looking male running past the assembled media and muttering summat almost incomprehensibe that made no sense to me.

What a constrast to that Laybah Leedah who milked the media churn for all its worth when Dolly Twin Peaks hit town a few years ago and our citizens were hit with a mega-bill for the mother-of-all-civic-junkets that was filled to capacity with our RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns –

Oh how times have changed, now we have this barely recognisable elderly male who scurried into the Lubyanka bunker to escape from the media and press …

I remember reading of another leader with delusions of greatness who retreated to his bunker while chaos and destruction laid waste all around him …

Come Thursday cometh the peoples’ judgement.

Please God let’s be rid of this self-serving political patronge machine and return to honesty, integrity and transparency in local politics.

Yours Sincerely,

15 thoughts on “Reflections on a disaster!

  1. Hear Hear Grald-Hunter. Come on Rotherham – Vote 4 Change. As one card falls the whole rotten pack will collapse. Vote against Liebour – let’s have a clean start for Rotherham.
    It makes sense., That will be the way forward for Rotherham.


    • I agree. What we need is a complete change from the past.

      We don’t want thiefs or town hall chiefs.

      We don’t need thugs to rule over us.
      We need unity in Rotherham to send a message to those in power that we need change. No to aggression, no to stealing, no to lieing. CHANGE.


  2. I hear from customers that cllr akhtar is on his way out. Its a reel piti. He would always fight for what he wanted. Hope we see him more when we eat on the oriant express.


  3. It was indeed a thoroughly unedifying exhibition of how not to be Leedah, I remember a few years ago trying to catch a rat in my garage, but like last night’s demonstration it just scurried off and into a hole.
    What an utter embarrassment – not unlike the Thackless performance last Saturday!


  4. If true that Asbo Akhtar is finished. Wonder when the celebration dinner is.
    Who is tipped to be the new deputy leader

    Think Johny Walker is unlikely to stay as council leader for long.


  5. After Mcshame left after ripping us off with his theft.

    If labours pimpernel candidate steals the result. Will there be a empty seat in commons like at hustings. Perhaps labour can clarify?

    Maybe groomer barron or minder healey will act as mathew corbatt. Over to you sweep.


  6. What is now needed is a sober analysis of which candidate is most likely to beat Labour and which would send the biggest shock-waves through the Labour establishment. Change begins tomorrow but only if people adopt a pragmatic approach, possibly voting against their natural inclinations, and send an MP to Westminster whose presence will ensure Labour’s national leadership address the underlying problems recently so graphically illustrated.


      • Seconded!

        Since there are only 3 Parties that could win: Respect, UKIP and … (it’s now time to really hold your nose!) Labour, a tactical voter has a fairly easy choice, depending on their own main political priorities.

        Personally I’d just love to see Ms Ridley taking on those tory-tossers in the House of Commons, she is strong.


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