Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections.

With labour in dire trouble with their campaign, mainly due to the apparent boycott by locals, at all levels of party organisation, and their intention to vote against their party for the first time ever! This is quite simply, an unprecedented development!

Labour voters who haven’t even voted for years, are energised by the chance to punish the party, that they had trusted for years and are absolutely sick of it! This trust has been stretched beyond breaking point. They are now intent on punishing the party for their evident failings.

The voters of all the parties know, that this by-election, is crucial to our common future. If labour does scrape home with the trainee candidate nothing will be done to rid our town of the corrupt and fundamentally undemocratic, control freak ways, that have so characterised by RMBC and the recent fostering row.

UKIP have made a lot of noise, but have actually gained few votes. The 2010 result, may still prove, to have been the high-watermark of their electoral support in Rotherham constituency.

I am afraid that most of the eleven candidates are destined to lose their deposits as their supporters realise the logic of the situation.

This has been a two horse race, right from the start in reality. The situation is simple, if voters want to say, enough is enough, and a lot do, there is only one opponent to Labour’s Sarah Champion, that can prevent her wining is Yvonne Ridley.

This fact cannot be ignored by the voters casting their votes tomorrow. The whole town is hoping and praying, that they don’t wake up to more of the same with a new MP, hand picked for them, by Kevin Barron of all people!

So there we have it a stark chioce:

Sarah Champion represents the ‘more of the same’ with the local wrongdoing going on as before, with all the greed, sleaze and corruption that is entailed!

Or, voters can send ‘crooks’ like Denis MacShane the last MP, and the ‘crooked’ local labour party, a message loud and clear that they want a fresh start, by voting for Yvonne Ridley to be their next MP. With Yvonne as MP, the fresh start may be possible?

33 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

    • I’m not normally a respect voter, but will make an exception this time. If Yvonne is elected ( still a very big IF..) then my guess is, it will only be until the general election: I will then return to the RED roses ( – I can’t help it, once labour always labour).


  1. As a clean break. Lets hope that respect win rotherham. She is by far the most experienced person to represent rotherham. Our candidate foidted on us is a joke.

    If she wins we could put up an empty chair with a red rosette. Concentrate on blue bell wood. Thats your barrow.

    Then we can have a root and branch clean up of politics in our town. To repair its broken image.



    • I watched the politics show on Sunday and it was obvious that there was only one candidate with the knowledge, understanding, care and professionalism to be a real MP for Rotherham. The rest were either ill equipped or ignorant of all the issues of our town. Remember whoever we vote for has to represent all of us in parliament. They also deal with national and international issues. There was only one candidate who was effective, knowledgeable and efficient. The rest had only limited scope if that. Those of us who are thinking of voting as we always have, think again because it is because of that sort of thing that has brought us to where we are today. We all want the town to change for the better. So let’s vote for that change. It aint going to happen wi more of the same. We do actuallt deserve


  2. If Labour do lose, it would be an embarrassment, and much of it could be attributed to the short fused, ever tactful and lets not forget dim witted, councilor Akhtar. His public outburst at Respect supporters along with allegations that he orchestrated the walk-out, have left Labour facing the possiblilty of losing a ‘sure seat’. There have been numerous calls for his removal in the past but enough is enough now and regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, he should be removed from the party once and for all


  3. I’ve been working tirelessly with the Respect team and the amount of energy and dedication is unreal. We were out until 9.30pm last night and Yvonne really is determined to give Rotherham a new and transparent politics.
    I’ve been very disappointed with Labour’s outrageous tactics, disrespectful comments and telling people that Sarah Champion is a Muslim- it’s beyond appalling behaviour from very senior Labour figures.
    We’ve seen what they think of Rotherham on Twitter and their unrepentence for holding our great town with unbelievable contempt. We must change our politics now, and the first step is to vote for Yvonne, the real champion of Rotherham.


    • Omar why are you spreading lies for?? Labour have not said to anyone that Sarah is a Muslim its just not true my friend. I have been helping campaigning for labour and I can assure you and everyone that some of the allegations made against the Labour party are nothing but lies. If you believe such stuff them you believe anything. Prove to us that that Labour have been saying that Sarah is a Muslim?? You cant my friend cause it not true. Do you not consider it possible people could be making this up?


      • A labour supporter!
        There really aren’t as many labour votes going your way, as might be thought?
        If you have nothing better to do than insulting fellow readers, keep your crowing till the Election count is complete.


      • anonymous as a Labour supporter you have no credibilty when lecturing people about lying -you even lie to each other. Go bully someone else – thats what Labour is good at.


      • To call my first cousin, who has been told by a senior Labour Cllr that Sarah is a Muslim, a liar just shows what a laughing stock Labour are in Rotherham, my advice to the councillor is just remember that people are relaying information to myself and others.
        People such as yourself and the said councillor are a disgrace to the National Labour Party. And for God’s sake, sort out your bloody grammar!


    • RothPol, who else but our wonderful Deputy Leader, for whom I had great respect (no pun intended) until this campaign unfolded. Seen a very different side.


      • I strongly suspect Anonymous might just be Rotherham’s very own Deputy Leader?
        Can only seem to spell correctly, when he writes as Jahangir Akhtar, funny that!


  4. As a labour member for many years. I am sickened by the way they have conducted themselves i Rotherham.

    There are too many in our party who are hypocrites. Who rightly slag off the condems dezpite some in new labour carrying out similar policies. Those who stand up for principles get ostricised. The only objective is power not principle.

    Rotherham vote for the best candidate to stand up and get rezults.

    Thats not our candidate that was forced on you together with the raf wing commander who was dropping weopons of mass destruction on other innocent families.

    I am so sorry thst you have been treated so shabbily.

    I think i would even vote for respect. As clearly a proper labour woman who i respect for her beliefs and campaigning.


  5. “Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections. So your only hope of kicking Labour out is to vote Respect on Thursday !”


  6. I agree with Rothpol Omar we should be told who the senior councillor is. We need to no and they need to exposed. This is wrong and totally abhorrent. Please tell us. The Labour party have got away with enough and this is possibly the last straw that breaks the camels back. I think I may have narrowed it down to two possible councillors. Please put us out of our misery.


    • Been reported above, to be Deputy Leader Jahangir Akhtar, no less.

      The worms are turning! Labour’s ways are being rejected, we’ve always been labour but not this time! None of our friends neither.


  7. From reading this site, I am pretty perturbed by what seems to have being going on in your area.

    As a total outsider, (North of the border with slightly right-of-centre-views), people; do the correct thing!

    P.S. I have no affiliation to any party, just another individual from the same island that we all dwell on.


  8. Jhangir out!! Mahroof for MP candidate! Respect to win this election to give labour the kick up the backside it needs!! Too much favouritism and back handers in RMBC!! Jhanghirs sons have vey good jobs in the council and their not really well educated???? Mahroof was the standout candidate but was backstabbed, but out of loyalty/force has to support Chumpion. Labour is rotten to the core from Blair to the milliband boys, who had a very privileged upbringing!!


    • Yep I think Respect should win this un.

      Ukip woman kept quiet when matlene said they were broadly same. Then moaned about it after.
      TUSC guy left sheff meeting, hustings i think they call it, on principle o being on same table bnutparty. Fine you might say but that meant he didn’t habe any say at all. Unlike guest who mouthed venom as usual.


      • Ukip kept quiet…either she is bnutparty or spineless. Eitherway she won’t be able to stand up for us Rothetham people. TUSC guy although well meaning wont stay and fight for what matters outa principle if fascists around so hewon’t do. CON & DEMS liers and lyers who’ll jump into bed wi each other no matter hoe far apart their political values. Educationally Dysfunctional Louts and associates ….no thank you, you punch up each other in solidarity albeit witha logo in Latin. And bnp just no. Labour candidate cant face cameras, what a mess on sunday politics and no show at sheff hustings. you cant do the job. Pretty sure you did fine in hospice, I’d respect you for an honourable job. But for Rotherham where we are now we needsomeone of a strong calibre, not an apprentice with a right packet and a minder wi one too. ENOUGH SAID….RIGHT VOTE RESPECT ALL UN YA AND IF MS RIDLEY DONT BE UP TO THE JOB THERE’S AN ANSWER IN 18 MONTHS. Just dont divide the vote between Ukip n tusc and let Labour in again.


  9. “The whole town is hoping and praying, that they don’t wake up to more of the same with a new MP, hand picked for them, by Kevin Barron!” – Hmmmm – It does not follow from this, by the way, that we are hoping and praying that Respect win – There is an Independent who will provide a Moderate Alternative for the people of Rotherham and even a UKIP win would be OK as long as Labour get beaten. I have come to suspect that Rothpolitics site is a Respect trojan horse despite your claims to be neutral in all things. The reason Respect candidate was the only one on the Sunday Politics show to look good was that a certain local candidate was not invited on that show (bitter, me? yes) – when ALL the candidates were invited on to the radio debate, Respect was suddenly exposed as a politically lightweight alternative with plenty of slogans but no policies. The Independents outshone Respect completely (a distinct lack of triumphalistic tweets after the show, I noticed), with better local knowledge, better socialist credentials, better practical policies, better consensus-style to actually solving the problems and better intelligent grasp of the issues. I probably won’t win but I don’t think anyone else will because too many people will still vote Labour so a disastrous result for Rotherham anyway. But I may move on to have a pop at Kevin Barron, having learnt loads from this campaign. I am not doing any campaigning today but hoping and praying for right result for people of Rotherham especially the 50,000 or so who are so sick of politics that they may not even turn up to vote…


  10. Lend us your vote, that’s all we are asking. You can have it back at the General Election. I say that for two reasons. First, you simply must punish Rotherham New Labour. Why would you reward them in the context of all of the above and much more, how would that change anything in the town? Second I am confident that if Yvonne Ridley is elected today you will be pleasantly surprised at how well she will do as your MP, a real champion. She is decent honest sincere and strong. Just what Rotherham needs now. I sincerely ask you, even if just this once, to respect yourselves, respect Rotherham, and vote Yvonne Ridley today.
    George Galloway MP


    • Mr Copley bless you. Pity but you didnt knock on my door, leaflet my area or even go round telling me who you are or what you represent. So you can’t have my vote. That has to be earned. If you just expect me to well then there’s not much between you and Labour. So no thank you Mr C.
      I’m voting for Yvonne Ridley. I’ve heard well read what she has said and I will hold her to it. Mr G, she has my vote. I do like how you say lend her your vote. Nothing is permament. She has to work her socks off for us but we will give her the chance to.


    • I am a Conservative. I never hide that fact. However, today I have something in common with George Galloway and that does surprise me. When he says, “You simply must punish Rotherham (new) Labour” I am in total agreement. This goes to show just how strongly the many different observers of the situation in Rotherham feel about the level of incompetence that the area has had to endure, no matter how politically diverse our views may be. We can agree on this. You should vote and you should not vote Labour.


  11. Labour finally exposed the fake thats the Repect party, lets look at their record on supprt for BME candidates and politicians, they kicked out an excellent BME MP in tower hamlets because gorgeous George wanted a job only to be shown the door by the community at the next election, they stopped a BME member in Bradford being elected , oh yes Gorgeous George needed a job again!!! and they can find no BME candidate suitable for Rotherham , finally the BME community are realising that Respect uses this vote to satisfy the white aspirations of Galloway and Ridley good riddance to them both and thanks be that Rotherham,s majority BME voice showed them the door…….


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