Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

The litany of Labour failure in Rotherham over many years is legendary!

Despite the history of poor performance, greed, sleaze and corruption that labour has swept under the carpet with very few paying the proper price for their wrongdoing.

Rotherham’s voters are going to the polls, intent on nothing less than revolution! They are preparing, to make labour pay the price for this failure!  Also to send a clear message to labour, to get a grip in Rotherham and to have taken the proper action to clean up the party! Here are just a few:

National Local Government Forum Against Poverty
Steel Action
Little action against the guilty involved in the ‘Grooming Scandal’
Labours sorry tale of greed, sleaze and corruption in Rotherham
Jahangir Akhtar Deputy Leader RMBC twice! And his recent awful behaviour
A culture of nepotism has infected RMBC like lettering runs through seaside rock
The ‘crook’ Denis MacShane finally exposed
Mahroof Hussain MBE, exposed as merely a collector of titles
The selection shenanigans
The resulting labour candidate, selected with only 13 votes

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, I am sure readers can think of many more?

Recent events have shone an intense spotlight on the Council and they have been found to be wanting. Rotherham folk are both embarrassed and ashamed, because of the actions of the labour party and for their abject failure to deal with their dirty little problems be fore

In short, the labour party has covered up much that is wrong with Rotherham labour resulting in their problems now being visible for all to see!

4 thoughts on “Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

    • We can’t allow it to go on. Enough is enough. Rotherham folk are not stupid. The Labour shenanigans are shameful. We weren’t to blame. That title goes to the Labour lot who have made a mockery of real labour values. However, if we choose to vote Labour now we will be to blame. We know they’ve been stealing and taking advantage. If we vote for ’em now means we support thieves and
      There’s credible candidate that can take ’em on in local n national government. I don’t mean the edl bunch of hate parties. I mean someone with real experience home or away coz we need a real professional who listens to us and int going to do a runner over difficult issues. WE CAN’T LET LABOUR IN NOW.


  1. Life long labour party,but i can,t see for the life of me how any NORMAL person who as looked into what as been happening in ROTHERHAM for many years can turn up to the polling station tomorrow and vote LABOUR.The voters don’t owe theemanything,it as been lie after lie cover up over cover up,i and for gods sake the people trying to force this woman on us was even pulled from a radio debate.If the powers that be don,t think she,s any good on the radio what chance have the VOTERS of rotherham got for this women to do HER best for them in parliament ..Sorry SARAH YOUR A SHAMBLES. I for one think there,s alot more sleaze to come out about this RMBC,ROTHERHAM LABOUR PARTY,so ALL you voters make your mark tomorrow and lets nip this red rose in the bud.BEST OF LUCK COMRADES.


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