Labour – falling apart as we look on?

A RikiLeaks source has provide this interesting insight into the disarray at the heart of Rotherham labour, it begins:

Here is the latest desperate begging letter from Rotherham Labour’s
John Healey.

This has obviously fallen on deaf ears as did the last six sent by
other party big wigs. They can get on the ground and do the dirty
work themselves. The strange thing is he still sounds as though the
media have got it all wrong and his Labour Party has no
relationship with the Labour Council! Desperate, deluded and
hopefully defeated.

“Dear friend

Tomorrow’s polling day – for Rotherham’s new MP

This has been a short and intense campaign, after a very difficult
selection process and with negative media coverage about Rotherham.
Everyone involved in the campaign has worked really hard to make
sure we keep Rotherham Labour and stop the other parties from
creating divisions within our town. I’ve spent almost all of the
last two weeks out on the campaign trail with Sarah, and she’s
worked harder than anyone to take people with her.

We need one last push to get out Labour’s vote. And I’m emailing
tonight to ask for your help tomorrow.

We’ve got four different campaign centres operating tomorrow
covering all the wards of the constituency – they’ll all be open
from 7am till 10pm, so please head to your most local one and lend
a hand for as little or as much time as you can.

From John Healey”

6 thoughts on “Labour – falling apart as we look on?

  1. Notice she was quiet on otgreave and job losses like at hospital.
    Despite massive pay rise on offer to be MP.
    Sarah would fail capability procedures.

    May be ok as a radio ptesenter. No good ay answering questions.

    God help out town with her and barron. with healey living on planet zog


    • Clutching at straws, clearly . Please everyone do NOT vote Labour today – or any other day. Rotherham deserves much better. Hurry up and resign Kevin Barron and take your daughter Cllr Amy Rushforth and all her cronies with you. You owe this Rotherham and you owe it to Maltby !


      • Its sad really, i feel sorry for all the Labour party members who devote themselves to the cause, the ones who do all the running about with leaflets and campaigining week in week out, and then from nowhere this woman comes in and is suddenly their leader.
        I have read that Champion takes £60-70000 a year from the Bluebell wood charity in salary and benefits, and has only been a member of the Labour party for a very short while and was actually voted in as the candidate by 12 people! the other nominee received 11 votes the rest had walked out in disgust at her nomination. On the strength of that this woman will now milk the position she will be elected into FOR LIFE or as long as she wants, for hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have been handed a certain guarantee that NOTHING will change in Rotherham or the Labour party.


  2. Jon
    Talking about making divisions. You have done a good job on that score within labour. Do not try to have it both ways. Watch the splinters.


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