Rotherham By-Election Day!

Excitement at last! Heard that UKIP has been involved in an altercation, labour says they are not involved! Continues in comments.

The Rotherham Star has this today, By-election candidate’s criminal past, oh dear!

Guido Fawkes, the notorious right wing blogger, has tried to talk up UKIP’s chances from London! UKIP are not a party Rotherham voters will vote for in large numbers! Doubling their vote would put them on 12-14%, no where enough to pose a significant challenge to labour’s hapless and hopeless candidate, whose sole selling point is Bluebell Wood and that’s all!

UKIP also seem to have a supporter determined to have their say:

“Whilst you are all fretting over the Rotherham election result tens if not hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians are busy booking their tickets to the UK in 2013. Where they will be instantly entitled to FREE health care , education housing benefit family allowance and unemployment benefits all paid for by you the tax payer.
So think before you vote LIBLABCON why you should pay for all this and consider voting UKIP”

Rotherham voters will not be seduced in to voting for these petty ‘little Englanders’!

Neither will they have forgotten this:

Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

During election periods Rotherham Politics is remarkably free of mentions of the BNP and BNP-Light, known to local voters as UKIP. This is to ensure that we don’t assist them by giving them publicity, all be it, of a negative … Continue reading →

Full candidate list:

Michael Beckett Liberal Democrat
Clint Bristow Independent (EDL)
Sara Champion Labour
Jane Collins UKIP
Simon Copley Independent
Paul Dickson Independent
Ralph Dyson TUSC
Marlene Guest BNP
Yvonne Ridley Respect
David Wildgoose English Democrats
Simon Wilson Conservatives

If you haven’t voted for your chosen candidate yet, advise you vote soon it’s already getting very cold out there!

The Rotherham labour selection omnishambles makes in into Private Eye, bring it to readers as soon as I get the scanner out!

26 thoughts on “Rotherham By-Election Day!

  1. Let’s speculate then; Rotherham Council has been selling babies to the circus and they belong to parents who are members of UKIP.

    Am I anywhere near the truth????


  2. This is what UKIP were saying earlier:

    Jane Collins ‏@Jane4ukip
    “Problem at Rotherham polling stations, labour bully boys trying to remove any UKIP polling agents !!!!!”

    It doesn’t seem to be reported in any MSM outlets (an altercation of sorts).


  3. Sounds like nonsense to me, firstly polling agents are allowed at stations only at counting as far as I know, you’re not allowed to campaign near polling stations. UKIP are going to win the dirty tactics and the mud slinging award for this election and that takes some doing when Respect are around.


  4. Petty little Englanders?

    surely you must agree that we can’t take everyone?

    some services are bursting at the seems already….

    With comments like that it seems to suggest the council made the right decision with regards to fostering


      • I, for one, am disappointed by your dismissal of UKIP in such terms. There was nothing in the UKIP message you quoted that was untrue and nothing racist or offensive. I thought that, whatever our individual voting preferences, we were united in challenging the inappropriate behaviour and poor service delivery of a minority of people in the current Labour administration of Rotherham Council.
        I sincerely hope someone beats Labour in the by-election, just for the message that would send. I have my preferences but, providing it’s not a bunch of racist extremists (and I do NOT include UKIP in that category) I don’t particularly mind who. I suspect Respect have the best chance but I’d be even happier to see UKIP take it (though unlikely), particularly after fostergate.


      • ok, its in the calendar….but comments like the one above stifle questions about immigration and immediatly paints anyone who dares question it as a racist….

        As an aside (so i can brush up :-)) which side of the climate change fence are you?


      • I’m a mathematician and statistician: I totally agree with Rothpol; the evidence for Anthropomorphic climate change is crystal clear.


        • Can we leave it there for now! Perhaps you both might like to state your respective positions and have them published here to stimulate debate when there’s no elections to distract us!
          Say 1000 words approx.


  5. The day that Rotherham realises that Marlene Guest is one of it’s best assets will be the day that the sun shines upon the corrupt and ideologacaly driven left wing disgrace of a council and turns it to dust.
    What a dispicable bunch of lefty cowards.


  6. Lets face it, if the party of common purpose, multikulti and diversity is in trouble, they can rustle up some postal votes in a jiffy.

    ## its a Labour hold! Electoral commission says, “no probs” just ask George in Bradford how it’s done – oops.


  7. Can i just ask….almost as an after thought….has there been the same amount of rosettes in windows and flagpost in gardens supporting Labour as in previous years – or have these been reduced?


      • I was leafleting for one of Labour’s opposition for four full days and I think I noticed maybe 6 houses with a Vote Labour poster. Not what you’d expect in a proud Labour safe seat. It’s going to be bad for Labour whoever wins.


  8. So how long will it take for the nec to take action against Cllr Asbo Ackter, currently deputy leader. I think.

    He has been guilty of threatening misconduct again.

    There are rumours that more heads could roll.

    The leader Johny dodger walker is also tipped to be going as part of the deep cleanse by the party.


  9. Just spoke to my Aunt who lives on Broom Road who had a Vote Labour garden signpost in her front drive, which was ripped up and taken last night. Also house a few doors away from hers who also had a Vote Labour garden signpost had it taken during the night in similar fashion. Whatever people think of the Labour Party I think such behaviour is reprehensible. I was wondering if any body else has heard about this? I dont doubt the truth of this because it was taken from my Aunts house who would have no reason to make this up so I’ve heard it from the horses mouth so to speak!!!


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