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Well it seems that my conclusion that Kevin Barron was never going to say anything at all about his expenses in the hope that people would get bored asking and just sort of forget about them was somewhat flawed – for it seems the Rotherham Advertiser has managed to get some sort of response from him after publishing their story ‘Sack Them All’ about MPs expenses in this weeks issue.

Kevin’s office still haven’t got back to me as a mere constituent, despite assurances that they would, so perhaps I should just stick to taking things to the press in future.

With regard to his website claims, Kevin said

The website kevinbarronmp.com was only registered this year and is in the process of being constructed and populated. Previous domains were registered but I did not follow the work through as over the last 12 months I have other things on…

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Kevin Barron – A Receipt!

Rotherham Politics received this, rather rare beast indeed, a receipt, used by Kevin Barron to claim money from Parliamentary Allowances. This interesting document was sent us by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent. It perhaps, repays some study?:

Barron expenses claim .doc

Barron expenses claim .pdf

At first glance it is apparent that there has been an over enthusiastic use of the redaction tool, resulting in the publication of a document, in the public record, that cannot be verified by someone motivated so to do, as in the case of our informant who also poses some questions of their own to Kevin Barron:

“Dear Kevin Barron,
In the interest of transparency and honesty, the constituents of Rother Valley ask Kevin Barron MP to identify this company, the business address or contact details. Since he claimed expenses of nearly a thousand pounds of our money, it should be a small thing
to ask. If the company exists, it should be a simple case of publishing their details. We look forward to your reply.

A curious citizen.”

2012 – The full top ten

2012 a record breaking year in more ways than one:

Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower! 5,645
The Times – In full – heads must surely roll! 2,648
Rotherham By-Election 2012 1,828
The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! 1,444
Rotherham By-Election Daily News Digest – 13th Nov 1,320
Rotherham By-Election – Polling Stations now closed! 1,266
The Shaun Wright Files 1,227
The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal 1,202
Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward 1,161
Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition 1,052

Total hits 2012 updated 23:59 31st December 2012: 218,958

2012 A year of elections? Local elections in May, PCC election, mid November and the Rotherham by-election at the end of November, contributed to a very busy year and a distinct bias towards those associated posts.

The real surprises were in the number one and four position. The Joyce Thacker story went viral after the UKIP fostering scandal broke, towards the end of the by-election campaign and the resultant international interest. The second surprise is indicative of interest in the Deputy Leader and his antics from the now infamous walkout at the selection meeting to the present. A much clearer picture of Jahangir Akhtar is emerging.

The NHS unsafe in their hands!

Does anyone in Rotherham remember this airbrushed poster of David Cameron?

Cerberus Cameron

Probably 20kg lighter then, Cameron in the run up to the 2010 general election frequently pledged that under a Conservative government there would be no more-top down re-originations of the NHS and the NHS would be safe with the Tories, it was all part of an attempt to detoxify the Tory brand.

Well guess what?

Cameron weeks into the Coalition announced the most expensive top down re-orgnisations of the NHS.

Care UK a private sector healthcare company that provides Rotherham`s out of hours GP cover and runs the Walk-in-Centre on a for profit basis made a £21,000 donation to the personal office of the former health secretary Andrew Lansley, no conflict of interest there then.

Prior to the autumn statetement (2012) Andrew Dilnot chair of the UK Statistics Authority concluded that spending on the NHS is actually lower now than it was in 2010, so yet another broken pledge by Flashman and the nasty party.

No doubt the Tories and the Daily Heil will blame PFI deals for the financial carnage in the NHS, remind me who introduced the concept of PFI?

Oh yes, it was the Tory party.

The Rotherham NHS Trust is out to consultation on making over 700 staff redundant, they will have to make £40 million pounds in savings and the NHS watchdog Monitor has placed the Trust on red alert relating to its financial problems.

And what of the chair of the RMBC health scrutiny committee Cllr Ken Wyatt, a man with so many public sector income streams that he cannot find the time to get to grips with the financial crisis about to hit the NHS in Rotherham.

If this wasn’t bad enough we have food banks operating in Rotherham, in the final PMQs before Christmas when challenged by Miliband about the six fold increase in the number of people accessing food banks, Cameron with his very odd splayed fingers gesture and Flashman arrogance said it was evidence of the big society working, did you see the look on Clegg`s face, a picture?

RMBC are providing an interest free loan to a local credit union, hopefully this will prevent the poorest members of society falling foul of aggressive loan sharks, seen the TV adverts for the loan company Wonga?

Interest rates of 2,000% on short terms loans, Wonga has made donations to the Tory party, no wonder Flashman is keen to hit the poor.

Just goes to prove the nasty party is back in town

So as the New Year looms remember the words of Neil Kinnock

I warn you not to be ordinary

I warn you not to be young

I warn you not to fall ill

I warn you not to get old.

Stay healthy, because the Town’s NHS will be in tatters thanks to Cameron

Aneurin Bevan.

PAK Supermarket – What does it sell?

Numerous commenters, in both private communications with Rothpol and in comments left on Rotherham Politics, have defended the sole involvement of the PAK Supermarket on the basis that it sold neither cigarettes nor alcohol, without benefit of evidence for their assertions.

Rothpol was alerted to the fact that this claim may not be the full truth, by an observant private correspondent, to whom Rothpol is grateful.

Just checked and although they do not sell alcohol, they do in fact sell cigarettes and tobacco. So this claim turns out only to be 50% right.


Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!

Hi Riki,
Is this Cllr Mahroof Hussain featured in this PAK supermarket
Rotherham Youtube video? 10 seconds in? Does he know the owner?


So Cllr Husssain does know the people at PAK very well!


Surely questions have to be asked about this scheme and who
benefits from ratepayers money? As well as why PAK was chosen and
what part Cllr Hussain has played in PAK gaining the sole
participatory rights?

A curious citizen.