Andrew Norfolk At The Select Committee.

Well if Cllr Jahangir Akhtar still believes the Times caused the problems with the systematic abuse of children in Rotherham he may wish to watch Andrew Norfolk give evidence at the select committee.

Interesting Keith Vaz uses the word failure when referring to Rotherham, we have heard a lot about the conduct of the Deputy Leader over the past weeks, most of it not what you would expect from someone in his position; let’s see if he will retract his statements about the Times after Tuesday.


30 November 2012
Andrew Norfolk will give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday 4 December.
The Times journalist, responsible for highlighting the plight of ignored victims of localised grooming, has interviewed victims, officials and members of the communities where such grooming has been prevalent. The Committee will ask him about the issues he has uncovered as part of his investigation and the experiences of the victims.
Tuesday 4 December
Venue: Committee Room 8
Andrew Norfolk, The Times
Committee Chair Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP said:

“At a time when there is widespread discussion about the failings of the press we are pleased to welcome such a distinguished investigative journalist. It is the work of Andrew Norfolk which brought the terrible cases of localised grooming to national attention.

His work has started a long overdue public discussion on the attitudes towards the victims of child sexual exploitation which we hope will mean that failures like those seen in Rochdale and Rotherham won’t happen again.”

4 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk At The Select Committee.

    • I should also have mentioned that it is strongly rumoured by those in the press industry that Andrew is being nominated as Reporter of the Year for his investigative work on child grooming in Rotherham and Rochdale and has a strong chance of winning.
      If you want to support his selection, I’d suggest an email to the editor of The Times:


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