A Simple Guide To Establishment Politics

Received this a moment ago, couldn’t resist bring it to you:

establishment politics

They’ve all had a go at ruling over us in the last five years, and they’ve all demonstrated their determination to put corporate and establishment interests above those of the public.

How have we ended up with 3 orthodox neoliberal centre right political parties that don’t give a damn about the public?

10 thoughts on “A Simple Guide To Establishment Politics

  1. Don’t forget that when our Gordon left No 10, this Country was virtually bankrupt thanks to his incompetence a) as the Chancellor and b) as Prime Minister. It is impossible to look after the elderly and the poor if there is no money left in the coffers to do so! The only way out of this mess is to build up our finances using the private sector and spend less in the public sector. Simple mathematics! I believe this government is doing its best in an almost impossible situation not of their making


  2. John healy and your local MPs are all signed up to the virtues of neo liberalism.
    But will do cartwheels to reinvent selfs when told to by high command. Not ones for principles to get in the way.


    • Avenging Angel, most people didn’t vote so we’re lumbered with Labour again. So I’m afraid I can’t follow your logic.

      It was 18 months between this and next election. Surely we could’ve given some other a chance. After all we would have got rid of em if they didn’t work for the people. But now we’re lumbered with the same old stuff…Shaun wright, Janghir Akhtar, Kevin barron…not going above and beyond what’s good for Rotherham unfortunately .
      I’ve been watching since the end of the election as to which candidate is trying to help the good citizens of Rotherham. Hope you’re following events too.


  3. Sad fact of life is that the extreme left doesn’t appeal to rthe average voter, Look at the results for the Socialist Workers or Revolutionary whatevers and they count the votes in dozens. Look at TUSC , which ought to have done well in Rotherham all things considered, only managed 261 votes with a local candidate.


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