Some News of Kevin Barron

Fresh in from RikiLeaks:

It looks like our Kevin has had enough of the plebs locally and is selling up. His house in Maltby is up for sale at a whopping £345,000!

A nice little earner for our expenses loving MP who bought it after becoming the ‘socialist representative’ of the Rother Valley people.

Add that to the £500,000 he gained by selling his London taxpayers funded property and it looks like a tidy retirement package!

He has done alright out of the people in Rother Valley, shame he didn’t do right by them.

11 thoughts on “Some News of Kevin Barron

  1. Would this be the same Kevin Barron who refuses to answer any of my emails because he knows I am a UKIP party member? The same Kevin Barron who has never been seen in my local area canvassing since his election in 1983?
    He has a small grubby office in Dinnington, paid for by Joe Public and the one and only time I saw him was in 2007 outside the polling station.
    Like all Labour MP’s he is looking after himself. He’s another pseudo ‘working class’ MP who relies on his compliant drones to keep electing him as an MP.


  2. What’s new? Tony Blair came to power without 2 halfpennys to scratch his backside with, now he’s a multi-multi millionaire thanks to his property fiddles and that bent wife of his! I have a long memory. No matter what party they belong to, they are all at it, unfortunately the Labour MP’s are cheating the very people they are supposed to represent.


  3. I will watch with interest the Labour NEC selection procedures for this seat when Barron steps down, jumps or is pushed and I predict promises made after the last selection procedure debacle in Rotherham, will not be kept. I wonder just who is going to throw their teddy bear in the corner then, destined forever to be the bridesmaid and not the bride … figuratively speaking, of course.


  4. trambuster – surely our Kev is off to one of his other properties that he either owns or rents while he sells this one. Don’t really care as long as he “steps down, jumps or is pushed” and takes his daughter – Cllr Amy Rushforth – with him out of Maltby for good. Maybe then we can get a decent MP for Rother Valley and a decent RMBC councillor for Maltby.


  5. I hope no Rother Valley voter ever forgets this:

    Kevin Barron, the chairman of the standards and privileges committee, claimed £1,500 a month to rent a home belonging to Jon Trickett, the shadow Cabinet Office minister responsible for
    highlighting government sleaze.
    Mr Barron, whose committee sits in judgment of MPs accused of ethically questionable behaviour, began renting Mr Trickett’s home after selling his taxpayer-funded flat for a profit of almost £500,000 after the expenses scandal.
    Barron was expelled from the NUM for disloyalty, he supported Militant Tendency while at Ruskin College and was a political ally of Scargill.
    Do you have to be a socialist to make money in Britain today?


    • Nope, u don’t have 2b a Sewshalist, just ask Da Dokta MacSh*te how easy it is to submit fraudulent expenses claims. Even his muckers in t’Arzes a Parleeamunt said it were t’worst case they’d found. What an outstanding achievement 😦


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