The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar!

Rotherham Politics over the last four and a half years, has covered many of the issues that are indicative of the broken politics that afflicts Rotherham!

The Rotherham labour party believes that they ‘own’ the Town and are fundamentally undemocratic and profoundly intolerant, of any challenge to their hegemony.

The by-election for the Rotherham constituency has brought many of these problems into sharp focus. From the moment that It became apparent, that the outrageously greedy and dishonest MacShane was finished, the fun and games started.

Mahroof Hussain MBE was on the short list for the Middlesbrough constituency selection at the time and made the basic error of withdrawing at the last minute, leaving labour ‘high and dry’, saying he wanted to concentrate on the Rotherham constituency.

Rotherham constituency labour party selections, have had a long history of disappointment for ‘favourite sons’ and this selection followed that usual pattern, much to the chagrin of Mahroof Hussain and his supporters when he was omitted from the short list.

The most disgraceful scenes, ever seen at any meeting of the labour party in Rotherham, unfolded on the night of labour’s selection meeting which took place on a chilly Tuesday night at New York Stadium.

114 labour members of the Rotherham constituency assembled to select labour’s candidate for the forthcoming by-election. What can only be described as a display of, out and out ‘thuggery’ ensued!

Led by the ‘thug in Chief’ Jahangir Akhtar, who is currently labour Deputy Leader of RMBC, the most disgraceful scenes ensued, helpfully shared with the world, via Youtube and some camera phone footage!

When it became apparent that they, would not after all, get their way and clearly frustrated at not being able to get Mahroof Hussain inserted onto the short list, a walk out of 85 (75%) of those present, led by Akhtar and others who should have known better, occurred.

The remaining 29 then proceeded to select Sarah Champion as labour’s ‘clean break’ candidate.

Rotherham labour  and Akhtar in particular looked exceedingly foolish, as Len Tingle of the BBC, complete with a camera crew, were waiting outside to record events as they unfolded. Intemperate comments, from some of those who had led the walk out, even made it into print, talking about a local boycott of the campaign!

When Rotherham Politics started to cover the by-election and it’s twists and turns, Rothpol had an interesting phone call indeed, from Jahangir himself, in a state of agitation. During the final stages of which he told me he would sue Rothpol, if I had the temerity to make any negative references to himself! I formed a distinctly different impression of Akhtar to the one I had seen previously and I would characterise the phone call as aggressive, intimidating and threatening to the person of myself.

Phone calls from Akhtar have been a regular feature of the past, usually when he wanted to vituperate about one fellow councillor or another. He normally reserved the most venom for Roger Stone and Mahroof Hussain! Akhtar has also been an active and keen commenter on this blog but using pseudonyms to conceal his identity from readers, these comments were often extremely damaging, to the party.

It came as no surprise then, that an attempt to wrong foot Rotherham Politics, happened soon afterwards, with an email which was posted as a comment, closely followed by another on the same subject. Like all playground bullies, Akhtar, likes to get others to do their dirty work and Akhtar has suggested that the Taxi Drivers, will sue Rotherham Politics, via twitter! After whipping them into a frenzy of indignation over comments, he had arranged by means of deception, to get published and the welter of comments that followed. Readers should know, all evidence on this has been supplied to the legal team of a potential litigant.

Shame on you Jahangir Akhtar, for your naked attempt to destabilise this blog. Shame on you also for your attempt to hoodwink others to do your bidding, deliberately manipulating the feelings of others to get them to do what he wants them to do.

Taxi drivers you need look no further than Akhtar and his cronies for the source of your hurt, it is him you need to hold to account! Not Rotherham Politics.

Rotherham Politics and readers, stand by to provide to the labour party evidence that we have on wrongdoing by labour in Rotherham, to any enquiry they should have. Rothpol is very grateful to those of you who have contacted us recently providing more information. Always grateful for more, all can be assured that their identities will remain confidential.

Jahangir Akhtar, epitomises what is rotten in Rotherham’s political heart! The cancer must be excised and quickly, if the ‘clean break’, is to have any meaning at all for Rotherham’s citizens. How many ways, can one person bring the labour party into disrepute, before they deal with them?

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47 thoughts on “The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar!

  1. Rothpol what I think might be interesting to know for us Joe Public, but more importantly for his so called “friends” within the Labour Party, is what he actually says about them in private. I trust that information may have been provided in confidence but any further elaboration, especially in relation to Stone an Hussain would be imensly appreciated and would undoubtly show the true reflection for this somewhat of a selfish human being. I thought he was a man of great principles until recently but now, much to my dismay, this man has no principle. Rothpol stay strong and steadfast and I’m sure I speak for the great majority of the readership when I say you have our support and we will help in any way we can!!!


    • Thanks for your comment and your support, it is very much appreciated. Principles? This man has none?

      One thing is for sure, he doesn’t like it when he becomes the object of attention, rather than the colleagues he wishes to skewer.


  2. Well done to Roth Po, a heroic blog which epitomises the highest standards of investigative journalism. You have, however, only scratched the surface. The Labour Party is very good at cover ups but even the NEC acknowledges there are huge problems in the town.
    Asbo Akthar is at the top of a pile of unremarkable individuals who, at the moment, resemble a bucket of frogs clambering over each others backs to reach the top. Labour knows what it has to do … And quickly.


    • Agree completely with Yvonne. We became accustomed to inappropriate remarks/behaviour from this councillor during Respect’s campaign in Rotherham and I’m confident I can speak on behalf of ALL the Respect team when I say RothPol has our unequivocal support and solidarity! As Yvonne herself said ‘it’s time to punish these Town Hall liars’ (and double-crossers it would seem)


    • Thanks for reminding us about Akhtar’s criminal conviction for affray! Escaping jail , only as a result of having a large number of character witnesses. Not quite the 300, he usually claims to have, but a very substantial number nevertheless, wonder how many favours were called in?


      • The interesting bit was the reference from the Chief Constable, considering what we now know

        Akhtar was a member of RMBC during the worst days of the child grooming scandal and subsequesnt cover up, which to me is more important and more serious than his other misdemeanors.


      • Affray then and then affray during the by election. He can not learn.
        The prat akhtar is making us look foolish uncaring and incompetant.

        Why he is still there is beyond most decent people.

        Council or labour party get a grip and show that it will not be tolerated. If not theyll be a backlash.


    • political satire, perhaps you, or another reader might come up with the words, I can then distribute as a downloadable printable document from Rotherham Politics. Either email Rothpol or leave proposals as comments.


  3. Akhtar..has a .vice role in S.Yorks police

    Shaun W gets elected as S.Yorks Police C chief

    Akhtar jnr gets cushy job in S.Yorks police….

    Hmm Will someone please investigate this.

    RESPECT WOMAN you’re meant to be good at this sort o thing. Will you try getting us some justice in this?


    • Rumours there is another relative who is leaving their job after the correct procedures were not followed, whispers of undue influence, doing the rounds? No sign yet of the applier of this undue influence, paying any price at all?


    • I am busy investigating claims that thugs have threatened and harassed some Respect supporters in the belief I’ve left town for good … that is not the case. I will be back and one of the first things I will do is be doing is bring this to the attention of those fine upholders of the law, Rotherham police. As for the yobs behind this, they are just snivelling cowards acting under the orders of someone with imperial delusions of power. The truth is, the ‘little emperor’ in question is not wearing any clothes … which will come in very handy when he has to pack his bags and his tooth brush.


  4. In spite of all his faults and wrongdoings it will be interesting to see if he is re-elected next May.
    If he is then the nation should know Rotherham Labour party is rotten to the core. More importantly it will highlight the ignorance of his supporters who seem not to care this man is an embarrassment to Rotherham people and his party.
    Is he the spearhead of the Muslim Mafia who shout about democracy and then shout even louder when voters exercise their democratic rights and fail to vote ‘correctly’?
    He remained strangely silent when the Asian grooming ring was finally exposed, perhaps he is more interested in his own publicity rather than condemning perverts.


    • There are no scheduled elections in Rotherham until 2014, unless there are some by-elections, that is?

      Jahangir Akhtar is up for election again in 2014! Will he even be candidate in 2014, time will certainly tell?


      • 2014 will be local elections in My and also European June. WIth the PR voting system and the success of BNP last time UKIP will be fancying their chances in 2014 . I know some people have already started a campaign to make it clear to the voters in Rotherham what UKIP really stands for -good for them -we should all join in.


    • I tried to take him to task about the child grooming at the time and was, as usual, accused of being racist. This man IS the head of the mafia and a racist bigot to boot. How RMBC Labour group can continue to support him and have him as deputy leader is beyond comprehension but Hay Ho, they have the Dodger and Grald at the top. Akhtar probably has the black on them.


      • Asbo Akhtar accused me of being Islamaphobic when I said I would call for a wide-ranging, independent inquiry into the child grooming scandal if elected. I have studied this recent phenomenon now over a period of months and the make-up of the Rotherham grooming is quite different to others which have emerged elsewhere in the North West.
        Sadly the cover up by the council extends to the police and social workers as well as elected members past and currently serving. Andrew Norfolk is doing an excellent job and I would urge/advise anyone with information/documentation or anything incriminating to contact him asap.
        As we’ve seen with the Jimmy Savile investigation, crimes committed against children in the 70s and 80s are now coming back to haunt the sexual predators who are still walking the streets today.


  5. @Colin – please don’t link the behaviour of some politicians in Rotherham with Islam, a religion of peace, tolerance, fairness and justice. There are those who call themselves Muslim but it is in name only. There was certainly nothing Islamic about the foul-mouthed outburst of Asbo Akhtar when he left his local masjid after Friday prayers recently.
    And there’s certainly nothing Islamic about the thuggish behaviour of some so-called Muslims who have been threatening Rotherham’s new Respect membership and supporters.
    Bullying, violence, blackmail and intimidation are so far removed from the Islam I know. So please don’t use Muslim and Mafia in the same sentence. There is a mafia-type in evidence in Rotherham but trust me, religion has nothing to do with the sort of behaviour that would in Christianity, Judaism and Islam propel the purveyor straight to Hell.


    • Hi Yvonne, commiserations on the outcome of the by election. As a Muslim myself I too completely agree with you on the position of Islam and such behaviour. What is interesting from your comment is that fact that this web of potential bullies if far bigger. Is there any names that you can provide us with who are involved in such behaviour so we can expose these people for what they really are? Not only should be expose them I believe they should also be challagned I’m relation to their behaviour.


      • Rotherham Politics is currently documenting any such examples of bullying, intimidation or other wrongdoing by labour during the recent by-election.

        If you have knowledge, of an example of this type of behaviour, please let Rothpol know about it. All information will be dealt with in strictest confidence.


    • “Akhtar accused me of being Islamaphobic when I said I would call for a wide-ranging, independent inquiry into the child grooming scandal if elected.” Yvonne Ridley Islamophobic?! Shows how little AA knows about a principled person like you Ms Ridley or, for that matter, of his own faith…


  6. Over the past few weeks I’ve been a regular reader of this site, but always refrained from making a contribution, as things are not always as they appear, especially during elections, when people from all parties get some what hot under the collar as they defend their political position.

    However that has passed and in the cold light of day as a tax paying citizen of this town i ask the question that If it is true what people are saying about this man then why is he still in the position he is? Is there a case for his party to investigate the allegations made on this site and if so should that be done locally or by some higher authority in the Labour party?

    Surely as.deputy leader of the council this man is a figurehead and ambassador for our town and he should consider his position. Rotherham already has enough bad publicity without being seen to be run by someone with such a poor record, and if what is said is to be believed an even poorer personality.


    • This man has no principles at all! After his conviction he refused to resign from the Council and finished his term of office, but was then deselected. Another Labour Councillor Jim Wright of Maltby resigned from the council fo making a threat of violence, not actual violence just a threat. Akhtar kicked and punched people into needing hospital treatment and got a criminal record for affray, but he did not have the principle to resign!


      • Jim wright had balls to speak out and condem blairs illegal wars whilst other cllrs stayed stum.
        Our 3 MPs as usual sold out and voted for war. As they did on welfare cuts ID cards and tuition fees etc etc etc

        Have they ever apologised???


  7. Oi Collin….
    I’ve heard some asian people, have had and are having a pretty tough time exercising their democratic right so don’t go tarnishing all of ’em wi same brush. Intimidation, threats, lies and cheats aint owt to do wi anyone’s religion. It only has something to do with prejudice. I hope none of us here are prejudiced but if you are you aren’t helping matters.

    RESPECT WOMAN I’m glad to hear you’re doing something about the intimidation even though you weren’t elected. I’ll be holding you to your pledge (cited in your post) too. Expose the cover ups n Earn My RESPECT


    • I’ve heard some asian people, have had and are having a pretty tough time exercising their democratic right so don’t go tarnishing all of ‘em wi same brush. Intimidation, threats, lies and cheats aint owt to do wi anyone’s religion. It only has something to do with prejudice. I hope none of us here are prejudiced but if you are you aren’t helping matters.

      Let me set the record straight.
      I am NOT anti Muslim nor anti any other religion. I am an Elder of the United Reform
      Church and expect others to respect my religious beliefs as much as I respect theirs.
      I used the term ‘Muslim Mafia’ in the context of Thuggery, Corruption and a belief that certain actions are ignored and/or above the law.
      Nobody complains when the terms ‘Moscow Mafia/ Italian Mafia and Chechen Mafia’ are
      used so let’s not get paranoid about this.
      I notice there are no complaints about Jim Fletcher’s post where he uses the same
      words so I suggest you all take a deep breath and try not to infer bias in my posts where none is intended nor stated.


  8. @Sims – in Respect we say what we mean and we mean what we say. BTW. as some forthcoming council by elections will show (and they will be coming soon, I predict) Respect will once again be on the card and asking for your vote(s).


  9. From Chris Longley

    Your readers may like to know that, according to the still “under construction” website of the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire that

    “South Yorkshire’s four local authorities have now confirmed their elected member representatives on the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel. The full list is:

    Cllr Jahangir Akhtar – Rotherham MBC (Labour) – Interim Chairman
    Cllr Harry Harpham – Sheffield CC (Labour) – Interim Vice-Chairman

    Cllr Helen Mirfin-Boukouris – Sheffield CC (Labour)
    Cllr Talib Hussain – Sheffield CC (Labour)
    Cllr Sylvia Anginotti – Sheffield CC (Lib Dem)
    Cllr Terry Sharman – Rotherham MBC (Labour)
    Cllr Ken Richardson – Barnsley MBC (Labour)
    Cllr May Noble – Barnsley MBC (Labour)
    Mayor Peter Davies – Doncaster MBC (English Democrat)
    Cllr Patricia Bartlett – Doncaster MBC (Conservative)

    This list is as transcribed from the PCC’s own website this evening. I provide it because there are names within the list that might appear to some readers to be familiar.

    Chris Longley MBE


    • Looks like South Yorkshire Police authority with a new title is this the panel we are supposed to have faith in and that all complaints will be dealt with fairly ?


      • It’s strange that Labour in Humberside are crying fowl over their new PCC appointing a friend and Tory councillor as his deputy. Their reason he is unsuitable, ‘he is still a councillor and this is a clear conflict of interest as it politicises the role’. Also, they claim because of his duel role he will not have sufficient time to complete his role to a satisfactory standard….mmmmm sound familiar?


  10. What a politically balanced panel we have, NOT. 7 Labour members, the chairman with a criminal record, to 1 conservative. Which set of corrupt, incompetent, idiots selected this lot? They were certainly not selected democratically and once again we have the Labour dictatorship of South Yorkshire in control. Much they didn’t select our Grald, he has a police record for election fiddling which should have qualified him. What a sad,sad day for South Yorkshire Police.


  11. Chris LOngley writes:

    I think that maybe we should take a pause for thought here.

    The fundamental problem nationally is that we now have badly thought out primary legislation that was drafted in haste, without clear objectives and damned with a total lack of forethought about its possible unintended consequences. The whole exercise smells of “We have a localism agenda: what can we do to make something “local” without losing any strings of Whitehall power?” “Oh, let’s localise the Police. What could possibly go wrong?”.

    The Coalition should have been careful what it wished for, because this is what we now have: locally elected PCCs but no clear guidance about how they should behave. The only really clear aspect of the PCC job is that they will carry the blame electorally. And PCCs of all parties and none now have this problem.

    So in the defence of how some PCCs are now making decisions about their staffs and their Deputies, they will want people around them who they can trust from Day One politically and personally because the Government cannot be trusted to back them one iota. It is fine calling for “open competitive appointments of all PCC stafs”, but if the basic criterion is “I need my back protected” because nobody else will, the outcome will be very similar if not the same.

    So the membership of the South Yorkshire Advisory Panel is really no surprise, indeed it’s almost written into the unspoken rules of the new PCC game. Otherwise PCCs would have no support they could trust anywhere, and in turn that would mean their Chief Constable would also have no support from the PCC because the PCC would be isolated and hamstrung from the day of their own election.

    This is one situation where I really do think the issue is not of local origin.

    Kind regards to all

    Chris Longley


  12. Cllr Akhtar occasionally uses quotes from Shakespeare to pepper his Twitter account, Merchant of Venice being the most recent; given the rumblings from his peers in THT he would be advised to take a look at the political fate of Julius Caesar.
    From reliable sources I hear that a national tabloid newspaper is very interested in Cllr Akhtars track record and conduct.

    I wonder who has been feeding the paper the gossip?


    • Labour members are still fighting like ferrets in a sack.
      Asbo Akhtar’s past catching up pretty quickly now.
      Why did he think it sensible to go on the Police & Crime Panel, never mind be Vice-Chair, with his record?
      Perhaps Keith Vaz should be talking to Akhtar about his role in the child grooming scandal? Now, that might be interesting?


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  15. How’s the planning application for the new Mosque going?
    Just as well Respect didn’t receive an invite to speak at the Mosque or heavens knows what might have happened!

    And for the poll about the new Mosque in the Rotherham Advertiser, I wonder who is trying to fix the outcome of that?

    No one would be that stupid to try something so clumsy, would they?

    No doubt the result will be shoved in front of the planning board as evidence of community support.

    Well that`s Rotherham for you.


    • Dear Peter Baker, in the arse-to-face world infested by RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns it’s deffo a case of YES means NO and NO means NO.

      I am sure that whatever the outcome of t’Tiser’s poll on this wonderful looking masjid which will be a focal community point for generations to come that RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns can refer back to Infamous Mark, no not the Apostle, the Pilgrim Mark, whose weird anti-community views on telephone polls from 10 years ago were repeated on here last week.

      Surely there’s no-one in Rovrum who’s trying to drum up support among their muckers by trying to skew the result? Wow, and there’s me still believing in Father Christmas and the nice man next door who asked me if I wanted to see some puppies 🙂


      • By having a cursory clance at you will see that the march of the mosques goes on and we now have mosques on Holmes Lane and Mile Oak Road and the old Alma Road school is now a mosque/madrassa!
        Someone once said it’s like watching a nation build it’s own funeral pyre and the demographics now confirm this with the announcement that our capital city is now indiginous minority!


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