Shaun Wright PCC Wants a Deputy

From RikiLeaks in box:

Hi Riki, thought that you might find this interesting. Emailed
tonight (8th Dec) from Yorks/Humberside Labour;

“Shaun Wright, the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner is looking to
appoint an assistant commissioner to help deliver his policing
priorities and engage with communities, stakeholders and
individuals across South Yorkshire. Skills and experience in
community engagement, media, project management are essential.

Salary negotiable.

Purpose of Post:

To directly support the Police and Crime Commissioner
through undertaking delegated functions to discharge the statutory
duties of the Commissioner and to  ensure that an effective and
efficient Police Force is maintained within the South Yorkshire

To contribute to the development of the Police and Crime
Commissioner’s police and crime initiatives and subsequently taking
a strategic lead on the implementation of specific elements, which
are seen by the commissioner as being critical to the delivery of
his manifesto.

Specific Lead Responsibilities:

1.       To proactively develop and support the delivery of the
Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Engagement Strategy, in
conjunction with the Chief Executive

2.       In conjunction with the Police and Crime Commissioner and
Chief Executive to work co-operatively with a wide range of
stakeholders in the community safety and criminal justice sectors
to help identify blockages or identify opportunities to improve the
delivery of programmes that secure improved outcomes for local

3.       To proactively enhance relationships with local and
regional media, to promote the success of the joint work of the
Police and Crime Commissioner, force and partners in securing i
mproved outcomes for local people,

4.       In conjunction with the Chief Executive to ensure that the
introduction and implementation of the Police and Crime
Commissioner’s strategic initiatives is effective and at the
required pace to meet the Police and Crime Commissioner’s

5.       To take personal responsibility for the development and
delivery of major projects at the request of the Police and Crime

6.     The post holder shall undertake such o ther duties as may be
reasonably required which are commensurate with the nature and
scope of the post and any duties which are subsequently approved by
statute and any other regulations that may come into force.

Key Working Relationships

With the Commissioner on various forums and committees and
representing the Commissioner at delegated forums.
With Chief Officers and senior officers / managers of the South
Yorkshire Police
With external bodies such as community safety criminal justice
partners, local authorities and the media

If you are interested in applying for this post, please send an
email to providing your name,
contact details and an up to date CV. You can contact the PCC’s
office on 01226 774600 for more information.

Please note that this job will be advertised, this email has been
sent to South Yorkshire Labour Party members as an invitation to
express your interest in applying for the post.”

Rik is grateful to our source, for this illuminating insight into a process, that will end up in some labour crony getting this well rewarded job? Favouritism in action?

To view labour’s own information, click here. Link kindly provided by another labour member.

20 thoughts on “Shaun Wright PCC Wants a Deputy

  1. And so it starts …

    Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns queuing up for an “owd ladz not lassez” pint-n-sarnie-n-fag and hey presto, another Laybah muppet joins the Laybah Police-n-Clown Commishna.

    Stinks like a blocked earth closet 😦


  2. Not a trace of a job here. not a skerritt 😦

    All in the interests of openness, transparency, justice and fairness, you understand, why have Laybah got a head start on this non-job and no-one else?

    Has he circulated this to the Lib-Dems, Conservatives, BME organisations, VCF organisations, local Job Centres?

    It’s not even listed on da Police-n-Clown Commishna’s web page –

    This has all the hallmarks of integrity of a threepenny-bit-ring used car salesman with permed hair, fake tan and gold toilet chain around wrist 😦


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  4. “that will end up in some labour crony getting this well rewarded job? Favouritism in action?”

    if he does the same of other PCCs (Lab, Con, Ind) who have already proposed a Deputy, yes.


  5. I think an ideal Deputy in this circumstance would be someone who could actually do the job. Much like the post itself. Too late for that to happen, but Gillian Radcliffe would be a fantastic deputy and would certainly keep Mr Wright on his toes.


    • Well, thank you for the vote of confidence. Something tells me that, like my application to be an independent member of the Police & Crime Panel, any attempt to get involved would be firmly blocked. I don’t think Mr Wright would see me as the ideal partner and, to be fair, the feeling would be entirely mutual. I’d only want to be a deputy PCC to someone I trusted and had confidence in. It’s important not only to support your boss’s plans but to have faith in his or her integrity and that would start with a transparent and fair recruitment process. So I won’t be submitting my CV.


    • My bets are on Cllr. Amy ‘Barron’ Rushforth for this post. She has been a close friend and political ally of the PCC for many years. He has to start paying his dues to these people. That is unless he has to resign before the Spring…many hurdles to go through before then such as Mr Vaz and his commitee and he has to actually do the job without being able to hide behind his RMBC Mafia firewall. He is on his own in this role so any mishandling or incompetence will be there for all to see.


  6. We can only hope that Mr Wright chooses well because it seems to me he has put most of the key responsibilities of the PCC role on to this deputy’s role description. I can’t help wondering what he’s going to do all day. Oh, I forgot, he has other responsibilities and interests doesn’t he? Why should he earn his £85,000 when he can pay someone from the public purse to do it for him?


  7. I’d be interested to see how Mr Wright will deal with corrupt police officers. Will there be transparrent and open investigations from now on?


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