What’s Hot!

This weeks top five:

 What’s hot this week on Rotherham Politics!
The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! 1,236
Jahangir Akhtar – Attempted Intimidation? 918
Breaking News Keith Vaz calling Shaun Wright to appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee 634
Strange case of the disappearing leaflet? 640
Some News of Kevin Barron 297

This week also saw our 200,000th hit, recorded this year on Rotherham Politics. A huge thank you, to all of you who stopped by.

Updated 12:00 12th Dec.

3 thoughts on “What’s Hot!

  1. When Jahangir Akhtar features in three out of the top five posts, looks like his embarrassment is complete. Unless, the full story has yet to play out????


  2. Time Akhtar was brought to book for his thuggish and bullying behaviour? His tyranny must be brought to an end and his tentacles in the labour party, removed forthwith. Why hasn’t this very nasty man gone already?


  3. Asbo Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain have a lot to answer for. Time for labour to hold them to account. The labour party must stop viewing this through the prism of a mistaken belief in ‘community cohesion’ and realise that this is in reality, a similar situation to at least one rogue London Borough! Wake up labour and deal with your internal disciplinary problems. Don’t duck it again or it will come back to haunt the the labour party to it’s shame.


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