Yvonne Ridley – time to step up to the plate!

If there was any wrongdoing by Respect, Labour would have reported it, like a rat up a drain pipe.

What I would like to know is if Rothpol has any documentation it would care to share or compare with the growing file I now have in my possession.

And if anyone reading this has been subjected to intimidation, fear or bullying because they showed support to Respect I would urge them to contact me immediately.

I can protect your identities but unless you come forward the thugs, bullies, corrupt and convicted criminals who think they run the town hall will continue to make your lives a misery. They are not above the law, nor do some senior police officers in the South Yorkshire Force give them unconditional support they think they have … quite the reverse.

At this stage I also want to point out that Sarah Champion, as far as I am aware, was not aware of the dirty tricks which propped up her campaign but she would be wise to distance herself from those odious, corrupt individuals whose bonds are now beginning to crumble.

The noose is closing but now is the time to step up to the plate and take me in to your confidence. Let me remind you of the possible consequences of the campaign directed against Respect: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/nov/05/phil-woolas-ejected-parliament-election

Yvonne Ridley

In answer to Yvonne’s question to Rothpol, of course we are prepared to cooperate with your enquiries with the caveat, that identities I have undertaken to protect, will remain protected.

12 thoughts on “Yvonne Ridley – time to step up to the plate!

  1. The link to the Guardian story, should be read very carefully by everyone involved in the by-election.

    Especially those involved in the ‘Dirty Tricks’, which brought out the worst in those at the top of Rotherham Labour.

    These members(?) have brought shame upon Rotherham Labour Party. They have brought the party into disrepute, so many times Rothpol has lost count.

    Any threat these ‘paper tigers’ offer is bogus. When you call their bluff they don’t follow through, their threats are empty. Do not be frightened by these bullies, their power is crumbling and the best way of helping to bring their tyranny to an end. Let Yvonne Ridley or Rothpol know about your experiences. You can be sure that your identity will be fully protected, at all times.

    It is vitally important that we document as many instances of wrongdoing, bulling and intimidation that labour indulged in, as a result of the campaign and afterwards, as it did not stop with the election and may continue to this day.


      • You don’t seriously believe that do you?

        We cater for all mainstream political viewpoints on here. As can be evidenced from the range of opinions expressed freely on here especially in the comments.

        I can assure you nothing will compromise our objectivity. We guard that very carefully.

        You might like to start us off with a post from yourself, or any other reader who fancies having a go, on a subject of their choice.(Please not about climate change or the EU)

        Send the text to Rothpol, please attach any documentary evidence you may cite to your email. Scans will be fine.


      • Maximus, da RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets n Clowns don’t find this blog “boring”, feedback from Agent Garbo in THT/Lubyanka sez they find it “frustrating, unfair, illuminating, liberating”, but not boring. Oh no not that, never 🙂


  2. You could have urged folk to vote for me not Respect in the By Election! Maybe you thought Respect had best chance of beating Labour in a tactical vote? In the end UKIP trounced Respect and BNP beat them too. Respect bigged themselves up a lot. But, when all’s said and done Labour beat UKIP, BNP, Respect and the Con-Dems combined – sigh! Who was it said “The leaders you get are the one”s you deserve”?


      • During the by election there was a real love in with Respect on Rothpol. Could have been mistaken for thinking this blog was a Respect propaganda machine. I wonder how far the investigation has got with Labours “dirty tricks”? Fizzled out I suspect because they were nothing more than a smear campaign and outright lies orchestrated by the Respect camp against Labour.


  3. Rothpol you seemed to be campaigning with Respect in a united HATE. Most of which was propaganda from Respect and their “trouble mafia” and was created delibritely by them. From recent discussions many I believe from discussions were appalled by Ridleys outbursts on twitter and accusations but more so at Rothpol who had seemed to have become a campaign backboard for that party. You ignored all opposing version of events to stories and stuck by the word of a woman you claim Rothpol has no affiliation too. We all enjoy reading it but through the by election you seemed to develop a personal vendetta for a man and seemed to play into what Ridley had been hoping for. Whether or not Labour went through a dirty tactics it was nothing compared to what was witnessed and evidenced by Respect. Tarnishing peoples names they had never met or had any dealings with, stories, lies, exaggeration – Rothpol failed to document any of that which would of made more fairer/truer reading from all sides. Shame on Rothpol for seemingly becoming Ridleys wingman disappointed that you got dragged into such but pleasing to see that you seem to be restoring seemingly normal service


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