13 thoughts on “UKIP Triumph or flash in the pan?

  1. Oh thank you “Private Eye” for a priceless piece of satire 🙂

    Praise to The Almighty that such an incisive and insightful publication continues to challenge, ridicule, expose and generally take-a-da-pee out of those public servants, dukes, earls and other kling-onz who think they are our betters.

    Three cheers “Private Eye”.


  2. Oh immortality at last! An oblique reference in Private Eye!! But me PC and Anti UKIP? I may or may not be either of those things. And as for flannelling – well, honestly! All my policies were inspired by Private Eye! I was the candidate who spoke most sense!!! I was…(cont on p94)


    • A sense of humour on display. Hope you enjoyed the experience of standing in this by-election? A by-election that revealed much about labour’s underbelly of deceit,and much worse. The labour party must deal with it’s internal disciplinary issues without delay, if any confidence is to be restored before the next elections due in 2014.


  3. If a person or political party is mentioned in Private Eye then rest assured they’ve made it!
    At least it puts UKIP further up the media food chain. One in the eye for the Lib-Lab-Con elite.


  4. UPDATE.
    Ukip has risen to 14% – almost half the level of support for the Conservatives who are now on 29% – in a new Observer/Opinium poll.
    The Lib Dems are struggling to make progress and are down one point at 8%.
    I in 5 people who voted for Cameron in 2010 now say they will vote UKIP.
    Nigel Farage now needs to concentrate on persuading dithering Labour voters as well that UKIP is the only party to stand up for Britain.
    The ongoing support for UKIP is not a flash in the pan. Voters are beginning to realise that the EU’s dire financial problems will impact on our economic recovery,we simply cannot afford to keep giving the EU £50 million every single day to watch it disappear down a black hole of financial mismanagement and incompetence on a scale never seen before.
    The EU needs Britain. Britain does not need the EU.


    • UKIP and Nigel Farage must be chuffed at the events of the last few weeks, in drawing attention to themselves with a wonderful piece of news management with the UKIP Fostering scandal. Got to hand it to them for their spin machine, it would have been more effective though, if the story had broken before the dreaded postal votes!


      • Anyone know what the present situation is, re the Fostering Scandal? I’ve heard that ‘the children are now in separate homes’ – i.e have been split up from each each other – so much for Thwackers statement on we must protect their cultural needs’ nonsense ! It’s looking like a virtual Child Abduction case ! Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of ‘internal enquiry’? – I suppose it’s too much to expect that the Council will issue a statement soon regarding what’s to be done with the council children-support agencies.. The town couldn’t become as scandal-prone as neighbourling Donny could it . .? !


    • Hopefully the Great British Cosmopolitan People will wake up and realise that the ConDom and Laybah discredited philosophies and policies have resulted in economic and social ruin for all the people who’ve made UK PLC their home.

      Go UKIP go. 🙂


  5. Unless and until UKIP breaks the 20% popularity barrier their present poll ratings means Ed Rubberband and Ed ‘It’s all’ Balls will take office in 2015. It is a fact of life that at the present time UKIP’s main support is coming from disaffected Tories, so UKIP really needs to reach out to the Compliant Drones and sit-on-the-fence Lib-Dems.to avoid letting the discredited Labour party take office by default.


  6. What we will probably get is a Labour minority Government – the dream “tag on” to that would be a few UKIP MPs who go into coalition and actually make Labour have an EU referendum at the very least…as long as UKIP are not as spineless in a coalition as the Lib Dems have been… see? Not anti-Ukip at all, in fact if not standing myself would probably have lodged my prorest vote with UKIP as the least extreme alternative to the red yellow and blue elite.


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