Waste Collection – No Service?

Dear Councillor Ellis

I have in my possession a document entitled ‘Waste Collection Calendar 2012/13’ as provided by Rotherham MBC

On that document are contact details relating to the service that RMBC purports to render, one of those contact details is “Email: recycling@rotherham.gov.uk”.

On Fri 14th December, Rotherham MBC failed to fulfil its duty as promised in the document referred to above, as such I used the contact arrangement provided i.e. the email address previously quoted. I prefer to use email when contacting Rotherham MBC because it is an untrustworthy outfit and it is not possible to have any confidence in a telephone call being either properly logged or indeed acted upon.

Having submitted my email, as can be found at the foot of this one, I received a non-referenced copy-and-paste fob-em-off email from a nameless person advising me that I should report missed collections via the telephone number provided.

In that regard, could you arrange to enquire why and when this procedure was adopted, why a resident should be additionally inconvenienced and put to unnecessary expense after having used the arrangement provided, who instigated the procedure, and what facilities are provided for people who are speech impeded and thereby unable to use a telephone.

Also, would you kindly pass on to the appropriate department that they failed to empty my green bin last Friday and that they can arrange to collect its contents during the week commencing 17th Dec.

Yours sincerely

Robert Foulds

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: recycling <recycling@rotherham.gov.uk>
Date: 15 December 2012 13:33
Subject: Thank you for contacting the Recycling Helpline
To: Rob Foulds

Thank you for contacting the Recycling Helpline. If required you will
receive a reply within 10 working days. Please report any missed
collections to the Streetpride Helpline 01709 336003 and not through
this email link.


Waste Management

Dear Sirs

Could you please advise why my green bin was not collected, 14th Dec.

This bin was actually placed in the usual collection position on the night of the 13th and during the day of the 14th, 2no. collection wagons were observed to attend – one of which collected the blue box and the newspapers.

I look forward to a response by return.

Yours faithfully

Robert Foulds
cc Cllr Ellis

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