Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme

Hi Riki,
interestingly Mahroof Hussain has also tweeted in reference to Pak
Supermarket scheme.

Rotherham fund supporting vulnerable families who are struggling to
provide food for families at Xmas is due to be approved at cabinet

It will be interesting to view the minutes of this meeting. Qs Who
proposed the scheme? Who suggested PAK Supermarket Rotherham be the
sole beneficiary and why this supermarket was chosen? Where other
stores asked to participate?

A curious citizen.

RMBC Official take: Rotherham Launches Festive Food Fund

Mahroof Hussain Statement: Festive Food Fund for Struggling Families

4 thoughts on “Mahroof Hussain and the Pak Supermarket scheme

  1. I understood Mahroof Hussain is a very generous soul – didn’t he once work for a charity & took it upon himself to personally deliver tens of thousands of pounds worth of aid out to Pakistan during the earthquake? May be that’s why he was rewarded with an Empire medal..


  2. I am suffering from disappearing comment syndrome, so will try againm. I have repoorted this issue top the relevant authorities. It stinks1

    Regarding Ayiaz, the Pak Supermarket owned by this familiy went under in 2009 and was sold by the receivers to Regal Foods of Bradford,

    The man to look for is Waseem Ghafoor seen trotting about with Cllr Duck and Dive.
    No time to do anything else


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