Mr Michael Sylvester – Formal Complaint

Last first as usual:

Dear Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader RMBC,

I am forwarding to you an e-mail complaint which I have just sent to Richard Waller, and which has just been returned back to me unopened via RMBC’s e-mail system.

I do not know whether my e-mail address is blocked by RMBC so I am therefore turning to you in the sincere hope that you can channel my complaint into the appropriate department within RMBC.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton


I have obtained your contact details via this RMBC weblink –
and am attaching for your information an e-mail complaint which I sent on 17 December to the person who I believe is the Clerk to Thrybergh Parish Council.

Since that time I have had neither an acknowledgement, response or detailed reply to my concern and I therefore now wish to raise this matter as a Formal Complaint with Rotherham MBC, who I believe have the responsibility for enforcing standards of behaviour among Parish Councils and Parish Councillors.

I believe that the attached information is sufficient for you to begin the appropriate process but if you do require any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact me by the above e-mail address.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

7 thoughts on “Mr Michael Sylvester – Formal Complaint

  1. Thanks anne (@anteggs49)

    Waller’s e-mail details were obtained from RMBC’s website which is obviously at least three months out-of-date.

    Nothing new there then with our Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers/Lubyanka, eh 🙂


  2. Can I ask why you involved Akhtar. Do you not know that a borough councillor mat not interfere or be seen to interfere with a Parish Council, unless he is a member of that Parish COuncil, and even then the two roles must be separate ? And why Akhtar who is a buddy of the offending parish councillor?

    I have to say that I found earler tweets of Mr Sylvester’s much more objectionable than this weak affair.(rothpol knows about these and the Facebook posting
    Mr. Paul Hindle
    Clerk to Thrybergh Parish Council
    10 Radford Close,
    Rotherham, S65 4LD
    Tel. 01709 546805 / Mobile 07833392976

    This is from a PDF Download from RMBC’s website


    • Cllr Akhtar didn’t “interfere”.

      I sent the original e-mail to Waller as his is the name and e-mail that RMBC’s website gave for receipt of such complaints. That e-mail bounced back (turns out Waller has been left RMBC at least three months and they’ve not bothered updating their RMBC website !!!!!).

      So, as I’m not prepared to spend ages spinning around like a top, I sent the e-mail to the Deputy Leader RMBC (Cllr Akhtar) with a request for him to forward on to whoever is the responsible person within RMBC.

      Cllr Akhtar is merely “the postman”.

      Nowt more, nowt less. He’s not “been interfering”, he’s been given a task to do by me, the ratepayer active and empowered citizen – and actually he’s done it well as my complaint has landed right where it should have gone originally – if only RMBC had bothered updating their own corporate website !!!!!!!

      I hope that this answers your question.

      As to my complaint being “a weak affair” in your opinion, I have received a rather moving e-mail of support from a Rovrum lady whose child has battled dyslexia and other conditions in the face of blinkered prejudices like Sylvester so uncaringly made public.

      Always remember this, it’s the audience who decide what’s funny, not the comedian. And this audience didn’t find his writing in any way funny in the least – neither did the mother who contact me.

      Nuff said, eh?


  3. Was this a rather over elaborate attempt by Graldhunter, to do Akhtar’s bidding and bring Sylvester down a peg or two, after he rejoined labour’s ranks and all?
    Graldhunter seems to have developed an objectivity by-pass, when it comes to Akhtar & Co or in matters he thinks of as Islam’s defence? Why? We should be told!


  4. Also seems that Mr Sylvester is still posting inappropriate comments on Twitter which come up on Rotherham Politics Twitter feed…
    “Michael Sylvester parish councillor Thrybergh
    Dear Santa, I’ve been naughty this year And it was worth it you fat judgemental bastard!”

    Some may not find this offensive (robin symonds ?) but surely it is inappropriate language on a public network, by a supposed Rotherham Parish Councillor.
    Doesn’t Rotherham have enough of a “bad name” without this ?


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